Yachting on the British Virgin Islands (BVI)? Yes, please!

BVIA trip to the British Virgin Islands is the perfect way to enjoy a Caribbean holiday especially if you love sailing. The popular sailing destination is made up of over fifty islands which have unique offerings for those visiting the area for both short and long destinations. Even though most of the islands have breathtaking scenery, some such as Virgin Gorda, Marina Cay and Tortola have become a favorite for many visitors. These islands can be accessed through a number of transport options with the most convenient one being the use of airplanes to your preferred island destination.

Exploration of the islands as well as cays at this destination are a good place to start especially for those experiencing sail boat charters for the first time. The main reason for this is the calm seas surrounding the islands; stable trade winds and easy navigation which are conducive for yachting. If you are an experienced sailor, then you can get to discover the different islands and their natural scenery. The island of Anegada is well known for its coral vegetation which includes anchorages that make it a “must visit” when travelling through the British Virgin Islands. Apart from regular yacht-moorings, some companies offer overnight stays when visiting various islands and they organize places to sleep and have fun through the night. Therefore, it is important to look through a yachting itinerary for the British Virgin Islands before making a booking to ensure such fun activities are included.

In most cases, an itinerary for yachting on the British Virgin Islands will include sampling of the local cuisine which is mainly made up of seafood. There are quite a number of restaurants as well as facilities on the shores that one can visit as part of a yacht charter to enjoy sumptuous meals as part of the trip. The suggestions offered by your sailboat charter company is a good place to start but you can still research further to get the best out of what the islands have to offer. Besides enjoying the local food and other international cuisines, engaging in water sports such as snorkeling to look at stunning fish as well as coral can be quite exciting. You can also choose to enjoy looking at the waves as they crash into the shore from aboard a beautiful yacht while sipping cold drinks with friends or family.

To get the most out of a vacation to the British Virgin Islands, it is advisable to leave all the planning to professional tour companies that understand the region well. Companies such as ADDISON Yacht Charters are experienced in organizing sailing vacations to the islands using well maintained luxury yachts, catamarans as well as monohulls. For most people, the yachting experience is an unforgettable treat that allows you to enjoy clear waters, white sandy beaches, cool trade winds and friendly locals. When well planned, yachting on the British Virgin Islands will result in precious memories that will keep you coming back to revive them again while making new ones as well.

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