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When I wrote about my favorite Las Vegas steakhouses and places to eat sushi on the Strip, I was surprised by how many people cried foul — they wanted a list for off-Strip places, too. Well, ask and ye shall receive… While Vegas is too spread out for me to possibly include every single local sushi spot (Las Vegans love their sushi), I’ve taken some time to compile as many as I could — and even enlisted some professional assistance from my friend Guy, who has the same taste in food as me and hangs out off-Strip way more than I do. Did I mention his six-year-old loves sashimi? Living in Las Vegas is a balancing act between the wallet-busting, delicious, gorgeous cuisine of the Strip, and the “normal” spots that don’t demand every meal be a major production in both attire and budget.

As you would probably guess, I like both!

Oyshi — While the rest of the list is so in no specific order, Oyshi is first because it is hands down locals’ favorite off-Strip sushi spot. Thanks to an expansive menu of delicious appetizers, plus classic and special rolls, be wary of waits during busy times.

Sushi Wa — Known for its handrolls and less-traditional cut rolls with yummy sauces, Sushi Wa isn’t for everyone, but sushi lovers with less traditional tastes swear by it.

Spicy Tuna — Cozy with a Vegas-worthy menu of rolls as thick as a bible, Spicy Tuna is always a fun time. Some say it’s not as consistent as some other places, but it is excellent when fresh.

Yama — Bring the party, as Yama isn’t famous for its stellar service. But thanks to lots of fun toppings, tons of food, and the ability to order half rolls so you can try more options, Yama is a locals’ fave.

Sushi Fever — Two words: sushi boat. They’re a great value here. This place was a hot spot a few years ago and has settled down a bit. A relaxed evening with affordable sushi — isn’t that what we’re looking for off-Strip?

I Love Sushi — Friendly staff and enormous booths ideal for large groups, I Love Sushi is the top sushi pick on the east side and a date night standby. Half the fun is reading the menu of creative roll names. My favorite? I Love My Ass. Trust me!

Osaka — A personal favorite of mine, thanks to delicious rolls and fun (optional) Tatami seating. They also have shabu shabu if you’re not in the mood for sushi.

Kabuto — For sashimi lovers like me, tiny Kabuto is a welcome change from the sauces, toppings and crazy names that are popular in Vegas sushi houses.

Hikari — All you can eat sushi ordering is super-popular in Vegas, and Hikari is known for its heaps of food, all for less than $25.

Ohjah — With several locations and both sushi and hibachi options, Ohjah has something for everyone.

Sushi Mon — Due to its prime location near UNLV, Sushi Mon stays up late. Craving delicious all-you-can eat at midnight after one too many cocktails? This is your place!

Sushi House Goyeman — I haven’t been, but its strong fan base has convinced me… I’m headed here next time I have a sushi craving! Bonus: for a locals’ place, it is close enough to the Strip to make it easy for out-of-town visitors to find.

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  1. Thanks for compiling this list. Looks like a great one for budget travelers~

  2. There are some great budget places to eat in Vegas if you’re willing to leave the Strip!

  3. Soooo, I guess I won’t be taking you for Sushi when you come to visit, haha! We have the fresh fish situation on lock down here, although I don’t think any of the local spots can compete with the ones you listed!!

    However, Vancouver is another story! So many good places there. So Much. Sushi. Everywhere. And coffee shops. It’s a bit out of control. You’ll see 😉

  4. Damn, I wish I’d read this when I’d been in Vegas a few months ago! So many great places in this list! Thanks for sharing – will definitely bookmark – so I don’t miss again next time I’m there! x

  5. Las Vegans love our sushi!! You’ll be back. 😉

  6. Great list, can’t wait to try some of these when I get to Vegas next. Thanks for compiling such a thorough list.

  7. You are quite sophisticated in terms of sushi, I see 🙂
    Vegas must be a great place to eat.

  8. Vegas has a LOT of good food in a very compact little space lol

  9. So basically you went to every sushi restaurant in Vegas lol. How have you been? It has been so long!

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