Top Ideas for Day Tours from Jakarta

JakartaJakarta is a dynamic city that is becoming more and more popular each year thanks to its many different assets such as monuments, restaurants and a variety of ethnic groups, religions and cultures. This city, located in the archipelago, is also known for being a place of contrast due to the fact that it has all the means of modern transportation and accommodations, but it also maintains the status of a province. High quality accommodation like the Grand Whiz Kelapa Gading is easy to find particularly with the advent of simple online hotel booking websites. There are so many places and things to do in Jakarta; here are some ideas for your day tours:

Old Batavia
In the 16th century, this place was known as “the Jewel of Asia”. It was originally popular for being a trading harbor, but today is an inter-island harbor, where one can mostly find Maritime Museums of old Dutch ships and the many types of boats used in the archipelago like Museum Kesejarahan and the Fine Art and Ceramic Museum. These places usually display such rare items as Indonesia’s old historical documents and Dutch period furniture.

Situated very near to Batavia is Glodock, also known as the largest Chinatown region in the country; a marketplace where you’ll find fascinating things such as souvenirs, traditional food (including snakes), temples, a catholic church, live eels being transported by vendors and more. This is the place to get know their culture firsthand.

Ragunan Zoo

Taman Safari Indonesia CisaruaIt’s a very trendy recreational and educational option because the animals (such as the Komodo lizard, tapir, anoa, Java tiger, banteng, wild ox and brightly colored birds) are laid out into exhibits with lush tropical setting and special attractions including a huge primate house, so it’s especially popular for people travelling with family. Open daily from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. The zoological garden is most crowded on Sunday and public holidays.

Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua
If you prefer to take a closer look to these animals in a more interactive way, the Taman Safari is for you. This park is located outside Jakarta, on the way to Puncak. Visitors can ride in a car and drive through the lush garden landscaping where they’ll be able to see wild animals approaching freely. In addition to this, there are also kids’ rides, reptile shows, petting zoos, pony rides and more.

The Jungle
The Jungle Water Park JakartaThis is a very particular water park because it’s placed in lush greenery in the breezy climate of Bogor (on the outskirt of Jakarta). The park offers multiple attractions such as a hot water pool, kids’ pools, the lazy river, wave pools, big sliders that are fun for everyone, and so much more. If at some point you feel like getting out of the water, you can always visit the 4D Theater, the freshwater aquarium or the bird park.

Jakarta is the perfect place for you to get away from your everyday routine, get energized and appreciate the wonders of the world in a fun and interactive way. Spectacular views, fun rides, historic places, exotic flora and fauna, and so much more; Jakarta is definitely the place to find it all.

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