Daydream of the Week: cozy Seattle

Seattle Washington

The Seattle Washington Ferris Wheel, from the eyes of little Zoe, 4-years-old.

After deciding to move to San Francisco, a huge decision that included my leaving my beloved dream job living in Las Vegas as the editor-in-chief of Vegas magazine, I knew I needed to clear my head. And for me, that means one thing — getting out of town! My first trip? Seattle Washington, to visit an old friend from my East Village days. I had just graduated from Columbia University Journalism School, and my new roommate, a bubbly redhead, took me under her wing. To kick things off, she bought me nachos from Burritoville to cheer me up after a disastrous move downtown. I should have known right then that a lifelong friendship was born. Now married with the cutest daughters, her four-year-old and I especially bonded, first on the famous Duck Tour, and later on the ferry to Bainbridge Island. My secret weapon? I let her take photos with my iPhone.┬áThis one is pretty good, right? She was determined to take the perfect photo of the ferris wheel, promising me we’d ride it. It had been a chilly July day, and we were dead tired after so much activity. So I just nodded my head and promised we would.

But kids get second wind sometimes, don’t they? Because ride that ferris wheel we did.