Daydream of the Week: David Copperfield’s Musha Cay

Mirus-Musha-Cay-JogloI’m a show dork from the Entertainment Capital of the World, who happens to love to travel the globe. So when I found out that none other than David Copperfield, who’s had a residency on the Las Vegas Strip for more than a decade, has a private island paradise in the Bahamas, I set out to investigate.

Musha Cay sounds like a dream. I’ve flown on a private jet a few times now, but a vacation on a private island? The ultimate luxury! And one I can only daydream of for now. Maybe I should at least start dating someone before my trip – the guest houses sound more romantic than anything I could imagine. Copperfield is known for his celebrity friends, and you can bet they come here to relax when they need to get away. Privacy is the name of the game, so I won’t name names. But l bet I can entice you with some other details…


Copperfield’s getaway is 700 acres on five islands, and he’s created adventures and activities that only a magician’s imagination could scheme up.  A five-piece tropical steel drum band can be arranged, or fireworks. (I bet both have set the scene for many dreamy proposals and anniversaries.) And then there’s a Treasure Hunt created especially for the resort by Copperfield’s personal creative team. Of course, I would also be all over the spa treatments and water sports, which range from water trampoline and Wave Runners, to SCUBA diving in paradise and sailing.

There are only five luxurious guest houses, each with his- and her-bathrooms, mahogany wrap-around decks – and its own private beach. The cottages range from a one-bedroom to a 3,200-square-foot getaway with a private pier, to a 10,000-square-foot “Highview” that has two bedrooms and stunning 360-degree views. There’s an open-air, ocean-view Balinese Beach Pavillion dining room on property (plus a bar and billiards room), but I’d have every meal on my own stretch of sand, by moonlight.


The islands are just 90 minutes south of Miami by private jet charter, or a (provided by the resort) 20-minute boat ride from Georgetown Airport. To reserve a visit, leave all of the details to a travel agency like Mirus Journeys, the most sophisticated bespoke travel company. Someday I hope to have them help me plan my own “magical” dream getaway.

Daydream of the Week: Big Buddha

Big Buddha Hong Kong monkAfter visiting friends in Austin, Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver, my big post-Leaving Las Vegas trip was to Asia. While I was there, my youngest brother very nicely agreed to join me on an excursion to the “Big Buddha” (Tian Tan) outside of Hong Kong. The only thing was, he sleeps in and then I lingered way too long over lunch with old friends. When our trip out to Lantau Island, where the Buddha and Po Lin Monastery are located, took a bit longer than we thought, we began to worry that we would miss the whole thing. The lovely subway seemed to barely creak along the later it got, as dusk (closing time) seemed to rapidly creep in. The ride up the mountain is stunning, as you float in cable cars that offer spectacular views in all directions. The Big Buddha is enormous, and everyone inside our car (my brother and I were the only non-French speakers) started pointed and shrieking when we turned a corner and spotted it for the first time. When we arrived, we were in a bit of a hurry. The sun was already setting, and I was determined to get some good photos before everything shut down. So we practically ran towards the Big Buddha, passing all shops, statues, and tourists along the way. Looking up at the steep final staircase, I lurched. Tripping on stairs happens to be a phobia of mine, and these were no joke. Climbing as fast as we could, I at one point glanced over at the other side. As I was heaving and out of shape, plus staring straight down to make sure I wouldn’t fall, I couldn’t help but notice a monk practically running down the stairs without even looking. His concentration? Texting on his cell phone, of course.

With one hand.

I was a Sucker for the Ducks

Duck Boats Seattle Quacker

Our quackers were ready!

I love guided tours. Yes, you read that right… Honestly, I don’t understand why they get such a bad rap, when they provide an excellent way to see all the sites in one tidy go (they’re tourist traps for a reason, right?). Then I can spend the rest of my time in cafes, wandering, or visiting with friends — like I did during my long weekend in Seattle this summer. After quitting my job to move to the San Francisco area this summer, I was determined to visit as many people as I could, starting in Austin, Victoria, and Vancouver. I met my friend Nicole when she interviewed me as a potential roommate for an East Village apartment 13 years ago. She was tough, but (obviously) I made it in! In Seattle, she cools her heels with her husband and two little girls. So on our first day, we were on the search for a kid-friendly, fun-for-adults activity. Luckily, Nicole had her eye on the “duck boats.”

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Daydream of the Week: Vancouver

Vancouver English Bay BeachAs the sun sets on 2013, the days of our lives… KIDDING! No cheese here, just a little travel moment: When I lived in NYC, one of my closest friends was from Vancouver, so I have been hearing wonderful things about it for more than a decade. The food, the people, the mild weather… I was so excited to finally take my first trip there! Even having heard so much about it, I was still surprised that there are beaches right in downtown. I landed in Vancouver already obsessed with the water, having taken the ferry to and from gorgeous Victoria. One of my favorite afternoons was spent at English Bay Beach, also called First Beach. We watched a spectacular sunset, along with many families who were outside, too, enjoying one of the last warm days of the year. I love when a place I expect to be so familiar comes up with lovely surprises.

Daydream of the Week: Victoria

Downtown Victoria BCOne of my favorite little getaways I had the pleasure of taking this year was to charming Victoria BC off the coast of Vancouver, to visit my friend of Simone. We spent the first two days just wandering around downtown, visiting one quaint block after another. I loved how everything centered around the vibrant center, which was filled with shoppers, live music, and people just passing the time. It was just what I needed after a few busy weeks in Vegas! No agenda, no schedule, just two girlfriends catching up. I enjoyed the ferry ride into town on the calm, gorgeous waters off the southern coast of Vancouver, and then our relaxing few days being tourists in Simone’s hometown, eating good food, and going out for drinks.

If I had it my way, I would have weekends like that one a lot more often!

Why travel is crucial to my personal and career growth

Abby Tegnelia

I owe my path, my career development to travel. Photo ©

Last year, I was introduced to the field of travel nursing, an admirable field combining a sense of adventure with helping people. How inspiring is that! So when they asked me to speak about travel and career development at their Gypsy Nurse conference in Vegas, how could I say no? All I had to do was will away my intense fear of public speaking and squeeze in time during my move to San Francisco to write a speech — and then make it to Vegas four days after my move and one day before grabbing a flight to Hong Kong. The conference’s founder, Candy, is an energetic, encouraging, sincere woman, and I can’t thank her enough for inviting me to be a part of her world for a day. I had been so nervous, but once I got into the room of kindred spirits, I was fine.

It was strange to write a speech during this transition time, as I gear up for my next chapter, when I am determined to go after everything I want–personal time, success, freedom. But as always, I remain flexible to what my future actually holds…

All I know is that for now, I am right where I belong: on the move.

Here is a condensed version of my speech, about how each of these big moves/travels have been a defining moment in my life and shaped my career:

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