Nicaragua’s children

Before I left for Nicaragua, everyone warned me of its infamously pushy street kids. I have to say, we did not see much of this at all. In fact, getting to know some of the local children was the most meaningful part of our trip!

In San Juan del Sur, an extremely precocious pottery vendor caught our eye in the lobby of the hotel. Later, on the beach, we spotted him again and motioned him over. Little Manuel had the social skills of a 35-year-old! He was as relaxed as could be, leaning on David’s chair like he owned the place. (This was after he nervously asked the owner permission to step inside.) Turns out, Manuel, 10, had been to Costa Rica more than once, so we chatted about that for some time. His border crossings were different than ours, of course: He and his uncle always traveled through the mountains, taking three full days to travel what had taken us about 90 minutes. He told us of the wild coyotes on the hike as if it were nothing. Selling pottery, he said, was what he did in exchange for his uncle taking him in after his parents gave him up. Continue Reading »»