Post-adventure high

Abby Tegnelia

Tired but happy

I’ve mentioned several times how energized I feel after travel of any kind, an almost post-adventure high. That touch of magic I feel by doing something new or experiencing a place far from home gets me hyped up to tackle whatever is in front of me — even if what I have next is just another day at the office. Hyper, smiley, talkative: all of those cheesy words apply. I just think that getting out of your comfort is the coolest thing. No matter how tired I am, it is a different tired, a more satisfied one than I get from beaten down by too many days at work, as much as I love what I do as a magazine editor.

Not everyone is like me.

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Life Lessons from Elvis the Horse

life lessons from Wyatt Webb at Miraval

Life lessons from cleaning a hoof?

When I called Miraval a “summer camp for adults” I wasn’t kidding. It offers life lessons workshops via everything from zip-lining to primal drumming, plus more traditional activities like hiking and yoga. While I did make it to yoga, I also wanted to try some things way out of my comfort zone. I eased into that with a class called “It’s Not About the Horse,” by the world-renowned Wyatt Webb. Last fall, I overcame my fear of horses enough to ride a very tame one at the Grand Canyon Ranch. So I figured I could handle whatever they threw at me. Every single person I talked to about Miraval told me I had to take this class. So off I went.

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Travel vs vacation

Nothing beats the sunsets — and happy hours — at Pacifico.

I am taking a vacation.

It is weird for me to have five glorious days off of work yet not be planning a Big Trip. I don’t have to research all of the sites or look into visa issues. Packing ahead? Nah – I’ll just throw a few things into a bag tomorrow night.

Finally, I am off on a trip that will rejuvenate me – I won’t need a vacation after the vacation. I often say that Big Travel revives and reenergizes me. Most of the time, it does. But lately, I’ve been run-down, trying to fit everything in. Work has been too hard, and I’m getting up when it’s still dark out just to catch up or work on my blog. My gym membership is a thing of the past, as is getting more than a few hours of sleep. On the weekends, I want to get all of my errands done – and then do nothing. I am just too tired and need to rest up to start all over again Monday morning.

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Let your “spirit” be your guide: hypnotherapy


Halloween weekend in Las Vegas was graced with crisp, 80-degree sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. But I didn’t need stormy weather to get in the “spirit” of things — I had an appointment for hypnotherapy with a doctor known for past-life regression. Happy Halloween to me!

Whether or not you believe in past lives, fragmented spirits, earthbound spirits or spirit guides, I promise you that ….

 what I experienced was the best therapy I’ve ever had in my life.

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Public speaking anxiety, I will conquer you

On Fox 5 talking about our big event next month.

Not exactly the most gripping topic — but since public speaking anxiety is as crippling as it is to me, I bet there are others out there as well. In fact, last time I wrote about this (click here), a lot of you jumped out to say hello. And now is a natural time for an update!

Despite my own sometimes devastating public speaking anxiety, I jumped at the change to speak at Vegas’ Meet, Plan, Go. Part of the reason was the company: JoAnna of Kaleidoscopic Wanderings was putting on the event, and Diana of DTravelsRound was going to be my fellow speaker. No one could believe I had agreed to do this, but encouraging people with major interest in travel to get out there and do it? I was game.

Then my worst nightmare happened.

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Committing to Beating My Fear of Commitment

commitment phobias


Time is a funny thing, and my fear of commitment and I obsess over it. 

I once thought that the eight months I spent stuck in LA, unemployed, waiting for my expensive lease to finish so I could flee that city that was never, ever good to me, were the longest of my life. I spent whole days watching the clock, waiting. In time, a solution would come.

It eventually did, the second I threw everything into storage and boarded a flight to Costa Rica, for what Ithought would be a month or three.

There, time seemed to pass even more slowly than it did during my awful year in Los Angeles – but it was different. In the sleepy heat of the tropics, I was always busy, but time didn’t seem to fly by like it always did when I was in NYC or Las Vegas working the hours of a CEO yet barely scraping by. Yoga, running with the dogs, working four hours a day (not 12!), studying, watching the sunset with friends…

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