New York State of Mind

Barneys New YorkMy web site is split between the “good life” and the “fast life” because my reality, for whatever reason, has proven that I am equal parts beach bum and editrix. In fact, to who-ever doubts astrology, I offer my sign, Pisces, and its two fish swimming in opposite directions. Extreme opposites? Yes, it’s true. I recently spent a week in NYC, where I explored my “fast” self again. I powered through day after day, hitting the office and then staying out way too late every night. I lived in Manhattan for five years — there were way too many friends to see! One friend I did spend an afternoon with? Kirsten Alana, of Aviators and a Camera. She steered me toward the mythical Barneys New York warehouse sale, where I bought two dresses without trying them on, in classic shopping New York style. But that is not the point. Do you ever feel torn between two worlds? If so, it is ok! I’ve loved my split life between the beaches, such as San Diego and Costa Rica, and the city, including Las Vegas, my current home. I promise you, I’ve never been accused of being “stuck in a rut!”