Monteverde Cloud Forest

Monteverde, Costa RicaAfter a few straight months in Coco, it was time to head up into the mountains for a break from the stifling heat. My destination? The Monteverde cloud forest, home to the most famous cloud forests in the sky. Alicia and I packed up her car and headed out. She’d been there once as a kid, but I had no idea what to expect. About an hour in, the paved road gave way, and we started the long climb up the mountain. We literally drove straight up into the cloud cover, higher and higher, on rock-covered roads crumbling down into nothing about a foot past our tires. I couldn’t imagine a bustling pueblo residing at the end, but after our three-hour drive, it dramatically appeared. Wide-eyed, we drove through town. Shops! A restaurant in a tree! We certainly weren’t in little Coco anymore. We checked into the Hotel Heliconia and drove even higher up the mountain to our humongous room. (The bathroom alone was bigger than my house in Coco.) I threw down my bags and jumped up on the bed. The door was still wide open, and I couldn’t believe it when I looked out. I was eye-level with the clouds! This was definitely a different side of Costa Rica.

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