South Beach with the girls

Set, South Beach, MiamiI have to admit, when my girls started diving into the planning of my friend Alicia’s bachelorette party in Miami, my first thought was, “Oh. We haven’t out-grown these yet?” But as usual, my friends (LEFT: Lori, Angela — Alicia’s sister, Jessica, Alicia — in back –, Shannon, me Darcy) were right: the weekend was a must. All of us had a blast, it was good to get away, and us girls needed some quality time together. We were going to be South Beach girls once again!

I lived in Florida much longer than I lived anywhere else, five years of that in Orlando (I met Alicia on the bus on the first day of sixth grade – how nice of her to let the terrified new girl sit next to her?), and then I went to University of Miami with most of this group of girls – the reason for the big South Beach reunion. As soon as the heavy humidity whacked me in the face after stepping off the plane, I knew I was home.

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