Big house, tiny private beach: girls’ weekend in Costa Rica

Abby Tegnelia

I was barely back in my imperfect paradise of Costa Rica, that special place I called home for a year, one day before being whisked away by seven of my girlfriends for a weekend in a dream five-bedroom beach house in a tiny town called Pan de Azucar. The Sugar Beach Hotel hideaway is near the more famous beaches Flamingo and Conchal. We had a blast! Nothing but walks on the beach, laying in the sun, fruity drinks, and good food… After months of hard work, this was my kind of vacation! When time flies while doing absolutely nothing, you know you’re around some very good friends. All you need is a few days at a Costa Rica resort to actually spend the time with them and recharge.

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My favorite photos: “best of” Costa Rica!

I spent an entire year in Costa Rica, so it’s almost impossible for a sentimental sack like myself to choose favorite photos. For me, the “best” pictures are the ones that remind me of the good times we had. I miss my friends. I hope you fall for everyone just like I did… For starters, here are the guilas (kids). They’re a cheeky bunch and jumped in the pool the second after I took this photo so I wouldn’t take any more.


Pura vida!

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Iguanas in Guanacaste

My neighbor, Steven, is a force of nature. Today, he taught me how to hold an iguana! I chickened out actually picking the thing up, but I did rub its smooth, florescent belly. The whole thing started when the poor thing slipped into the pool, and Steven had to come to the rescue. Below are some shots of the other scaled lovelies that rule our neighborhood. (Look closely!)

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