Daydream of the Week: Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las VegasGotta love Vegas! As a long-time local journalist, most recently at Vegas magazine for three years, I grew to love the history of my can-do town with a “That’s Entertainment” vibe. And downtown Las Vegas is like no other. I happened to be walking around Fremont Street one afternoon when this little scene made me giggle — two Elvis impersonators VERY upset over something, obviously a permit of some kind or another entertainer stealing their space. I loved that that two Elvis’s were on the same side. They marched right on over to the bike cop together, a united front. They probably should be stiff competition, and maybe they are. But whatever was going on, the almighty bike cop (ha) was as tickled as I was. When I move to San Francisco, I will miss little vignettes like this, ridiculous scenarios I will never see anywhere else. Only in Vegas would you see not one, but two, Elvis singers in full regalia doing something as precious as heatedly petitioning a bicycle cop.

Only in Vegas.