Cleansing Waters of Santa Teresa

Santa TeresaOne of my favorite parts of going to the beach is watching and listening to the waves go in and out. Let me guess — I’m not the only one who feels this way! During my recent trip to Costa Rica, three girlfriends and I drove from Coco to Santa Teresa, where we actually stayed quite a ways out of town, which is long and stretched out as it is. This move had both pluses and minuses. Let’s start with the one major negative: a crab invasion. But that was a small price to pay for the Costa Rican paradise we got to retreat to, and the deserted jungle beaches with no one else on them for miles. The water was active when we were there, with quite a current. But it was also swirling and beautiful, with ever-changing neutral colors that beckoned us out into the ocean. For a desert girl from Las Vegas, nothing is more cleansing than the ocean waters of a deserted beach!

How the most beautiful Halloween crabs stole my sleep

Abby Tegnelia Cheryl Grant

Relaxing with my friend Cheryl after re-adjusting to sleeping in the jungle.

On a previous trip to Costa Rica, I first laid eyes on a beautiful purple and orange type of crab (nicknamed the Halloween crab) and took the photo below of it in shallow ocean water. I thought it was the most people sea creature I had ever seen! On this trip? Well, I could still see its beauty, but when they descended on my vacation home by the dozens, my view did change a bit! It all started our first night in our Costa Rican paradise on the dense jungle beaches of Santa Teresa. My friends ever so politely recommended I stay in a certain bedroom downstairs. It wasn’t until later that they told me there was a bat in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Did I mention that the house was open-air? In the jungle?

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The Jungle Beaches of Santa Teresa

Santa TeresaMy favorite part about the beaches of Costa Rica is how in some parts, the jungle ends abruptly, opening up to pristine beach. I love the feeling of walking through dense trees and following a narrow trail in the humid air that eventually opens up to the ocean. When my three friends and I arrived at this slice of Costa Rican paradise in Santa Teresa, we threw down our sarongs and ran into the water. It felt like you could swim out for miles and still touch the floor. The jungle/surf combo makes the beaches quieter than what I was used to growing up near the coast in the States. That and the fact that there is virtually no one else on them!

Costa Rican Paradise

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

After a fun few days in Panama City, staying at the posh Trump Ocean Club, I made my way to Costa Rica, where I lived for one blissful year. Before spending some time in my old hometown of Coco, I headed to Santa Teresa, in the Nicoya Peninsula, with a few friends. Despite a few critters, I slept like a baby. It was my own Costa Rican paradise! The jungle was dense, the smell humid. It was a dream come true.

More to come — it’s a jungle out there!

Don’t wait for my upcoming posts! Check out my partner in crime down in Costa Rica, Mrs. Sasu, who loves to make fun of my city girl ways! The Sasu Post.

Different Kind of Pool Club

Sometimes, nothing beats a dip in the pool.

In Las Vegas, a “pool club” often means a cabana with a flat-screen TV, celebrity host in a barely-there bikini, and loads of tourists dancing to loud music. This here, is what I prefer. When I lived in Costa Rica, the Club at Coco Bay wasn’t open to the public. Now, for a small fee, you can have access to the gorgeous haven, for those days when chlorine beckons. I grew up in Florida and love the beach, especially the sounds of the ocean and gazing off to the horizon. But sometimes, nothing beats a refreshing dip in the pool. Happy Friday, everybody! I’ll be daydreaming about meeting my friend Lisa for a girls’ afternoon at this pool.

What’s In a Name?

The good life: Hammock and lush greenery. Bad side: nature means critters.

Maybe by now it’s sort of obvious how I got the ridiculous nickname “Jungle Princess,” but for my last post about my recent trip to Costa Rica, I thought I’d explain — and show how far I’ve come. As with everything these days (haha) it all started online. My friend Mike had signed me up on Twitter the day before I left my Las Vegas friends for the jungles of Costa Rica. I finally got into it a few months in, but all of the travel folks were confused… Where was my blog? they asked. (My what?!) Since my tweets were all about scorpions, spiders, monkeys, rain and not wearing high heels… Diana of DTravelsRound finally publicly tweeted something along the lines of, “Come on, jungle princess, you’re starting a blog tomorrow.”

So I did.


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