My New Favorite Waterfront Town

I visited my friend Simone in Victoria BCAs I resume blogging after quite some time off (starting your life over can really zap your energy!), I find myself smack in the middle of sharing my visit with my friend Simone in charming Victoria BC, her hometown. Simone is a fellow writer and blogger, and I just love her. She came to Vegas a few times and stayed with me, so I was thrilled to get to visit her!

My favorite part about Victoria is that it sits on the waterfront – it is actually the largest town on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada. To get there, I flew into Vancouver and bought a bus/ferry ticket at the airport (it was very easy). The ferry ride to Victoria was stunning, so I was excited to take a ferry ride around Victoria.

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Make Your Way to Charming Victoria

Simone Paget Victoria

My friend Simone, taking me on a walking tour of her neighborhood in Victoria.

When my friend Simone left the cosmopolitan city of Toronto to move back home to adorable Victoria, I knew I had to visit as soon as I could. Simone is the funniest writer I know, covering all topics related to men and dating, like this hilarious “review” of bad online dating profiles. In fact, we spend so much time gossiping about bad dates, time flew by without my writing about our trip. Now it’s March. And here in California, my dog walk has become overcome with blooming flowers – spring is here! It’s reminded me of last summer, when it was still warm up in Vancouver and Victoria. So it is finally time to share! I know that the quaint town will charm you as much as it did me.

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Daydream of the Week: Vancouver

Vancouver English Bay BeachAs the sun sets on 2013, the days of our lives… KIDDING! No cheese here, just a little travel moment: When I lived in NYC, one of my closest friends was from Vancouver, so I have been hearing wonderful things about it for more than a decade. The food, the people, the mild weather… I was so excited to finally take my first trip there! Even having heard so much about it, I was still surprised that there are beaches right in downtown. I landed in Vancouver already obsessed with the water, having taken the ferry to and from gorgeous Victoria. One of my favorite afternoons was spent at English Bay Beach, also called First Beach. We watched a spectacular sunset, along with many families who were outside, too, enjoying one of the last warm days of the year. I love when a place I expect to be so familiar comes up with lovely surprises.

Daydream of the Week: Victoria

Downtown Victoria BCOne of my favorite little getaways I had the pleasure of taking this year was to charming Victoria BC off the coast of Vancouver, to visit my friend of Simone. We spent the first two days just wandering around downtown, visiting one quaint block after another. I loved how everything centered around the vibrant center, which was filled with shoppers, live music, and people just passing the time. It was just what I needed after a few busy weeks in Vegas! No agenda, no schedule, just two girlfriends catching up. I enjoyed the ferry ride into town on the calm, gorgeous waters off the southern coast of Vancouver, and then our relaxing few days being tourists in Simone’s hometown, eating good food, and going out for drinks.

If I had it my way, I would have weekends like that one a lot more often!

How to Spend the Perfect Day Trip in Toronto

When I was recently home in Albuquerque for Christmas, I failed miserably at being a tourist in my own city. But my friend Simone, of the sassy award-winning blog Skinny Dip, is a rock star. She created for me the best itinerary for her home digs, a little town called Toronto.

Meeting Simone for the first time.

I have so many trusted online friends who I’ve never met, but Simone and I got to spend some quality time together when she last visited Las Vegas for (what else?) a blogging convention. I hope you enjoy her Toronto itinerary for the perfect day trip in Toronto as much as I did. I made it to Montreal this year and have been to other places in Canada, but not Toronto.

I’ve always wanted to go!

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Cirque du Soleil: Behind the Scenes

On our third (and last) day in wintery Montreal, which we were visiting for the Michael Jackson world premiere. we were in for quite a treat. We were going behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil at their world-wide headquarters! Cirque performers are encouraged to be creative in all aspects of their lives. The hallways are bursting with paintings and sculptures that employees make on their own time, and visiting all of the workshops was fascinating. Come on — I’ll take you on a tour. You’ve never seen Cirque du Soleil like this! We got to see what makes them tick.

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