I’m a Cosmo NYE Groupie

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Beyonce

Happy New Year, everybody! I’m checking into the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas soon and signing off for a few days for a mini-vacation before diving right back into my pesky workaholism on January 2. Call me a Cosmo groupie — this is the third year in a row I’m celebrating New Year’s Eve with them. Thinking back to the hotel’s very first year, 2010, I realized I never posted my very favorite picture from the party. Its grand opening/New Year’s Eve bash made headlines all over the globe. The headliners: Jay-Z and Coldplay, on one stage. But in the end, everyone from Florence and the Machine, John Mayer, and Rihanna had a moment in the spotlight. It was an intimate affair overall, and one I will never forget. Even between the endless champagne, caviar and parade of celebrity attendees (from J Lo to Cameron Diaz), the most special part of the whole thing was really the excitement in the air. I’ll never forget it! But something I had forgotten — this stunning photo of Beyonce, who came out to count down with her husband. The crowd went into a frenzy! They kept the party small enough that during the concert, anyone could get this close at any time. Beyonce looked happy enough for us all.

Happy New Year, friends!