Fall in love with the Southwest landscape

Red Mountain Resort Utah Labyrinth

Meditation labyrinth

When I look out my office window, I can see clear to the Strip on one side — and clear to nothing on the other. (In the middle is the sprawling suburbia where all of us locals live and play, those of us who don’t “live on the Strip.”) Yup, there’s a line in the sand so to speak, a drop-off point where all of the buildings and roads of razzle-dazzle Sin City end, and the desert begins. Outside of Las Vegas, there really is basically nothing. Between the towns that have been built in Nevada, there are miles and miles of dirt and sand. Depending on the time of day, this landscape can be the most beautiful shades of orange or pink. It is so peaceful being out there, with nothing to see all the way to the horizon.I just love this Southwest landscape.

Last week, Diana of D Travels Round and I decided to get out of town for the day. We got in her car and headed for St. George, Utah. The two-hour drive could not have been more beautiful — gorgeous landscapes, an intense gorge, a small river. The only civilization we passed was the obligatory casino boarder town of Mesquite  right before leaving Nevada for Arizona on the way to Utah. It was a beautiful, peaceful drive, the business and stress of our lives in Las Vegas that we often have to grin and bear melting away as we drove.

We forgot that Utah and Arizona are an hour off from us this time of year, so we did suddenly realize we were running a little late. We arrived at Red Mountain Resort and went straight to the spa. After our treatments, we ate a little picnic outside and a took a sunset walk before getting back into the car. (Above, the meditation labyrinth walk.Say your intentions on the way in, and leave the bad stuff on the way out.) We wished we were able to stay for a few nights — getaways to Southwest spas are so relaxing, as I know from my wonderful stay at Miraval in Tucson. Nothing recharges you better than spa treatments and other activities on peaceful grounds away from the city.

Red Mountain Resort Utah walking path

The beginning of our peaceful walk.


Red Mountain Resort Utah Lava Field

Lava fields

Red Mountain Resort Utah Walk

Intense colors during a Southwest sunset.


If you’d like to go check out the gorgeous Southwest landscape of Red Mountain, please call: 877.246.4453

They have all kinds of spa services and treatments, and you don’t have to be a guest to make an appointment.

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  1. What a great way to escape the city and enjoy some pretty landscapes.

  2. The photo of the Meditation Labyrinth with those orange colored mountains in the background is awesome!

  3. Love the pics Abby… the surroundings must have reminded you of Guanacaste in April. I am planning a trip at a new spa in Rincon in the next week or two, cannot wait!

  4. Love it!! You really got some great sunset shots!!!

  5. That light was soo pretty!!

  6. I usually go for the green landscapes, but the shades of orange in your photos are just lovely.

  7. Thank you, Laura! It was gorgeous!

  8. What a different view compared to what I’m used to… I assume it was rather cold?

  9. Those desert landscapes are fascinating. The colours burn.

  10. Now this looks like the sort of place I could spend a lot of time exploring

  11. Stunnnning! I NEED to come and photograph this place!

  12. We want to do one of our big adventure trips (camping, etc.) in Utah one day. Thanks for the confirmation 🙂

  13. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself at Red Mountain Resort, Abby. It was nice to spend about a week there with my sister. We really got to relax, take advantage of some of the fitness classes, go on some of the hikes, appreciate the food, etc. I’ve never been one to just set up camp at a resort of a holiday, but staying at RMR was totally worth it.

  14. Federico, it was chilly but not cold — we picked the perfect weekend to go!

    JoAnna, I tried to find your story online to link to it. You really got me interested in the place!

  15. I drove through some of that same landscape in high school (including a stop in St. George, Utah), and it really is breathtaking. What a great getaway!

  16. These photos are stunning! (The perfect setting for a spa!)

    I’ve always wanted to explore the Southwest & drive through the desert after watching a movie about New Mexico in high school. Now I want to go even more!

  17. Ooh, so pretty! I’ve been to New Mexico, but not Arizona or Utah. I love the rugged desert vibe. Looks lovely!

  18. The Southwest is SOOO beautiful! We’ve got to get out there and do some hiking soon.

  19. I LOVE the desert – half because I was brought up in the desert and I appreciate every small thing. <3

    GREAT pics Abby!

  20. Very cool landscape! It reminds me a bit of pampa in Argentina, just without those reddish colors 🙂

  21. I am totally in love with the Southwest landscape. You have some great photos here, Abby, really beautiful. Funny how people think of the desert as being “brown”–but look at all those colors! 🙂

  22. So beautiful – now I’m totally longing to visit the southwest. It looks like walking there would feel like you were walking in a sunset.

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