Surreal Sin City Skyline

Las Vegas, travel, photographyWaiting for my car at valet at Monte Carlo a few nights ago, I caught a full view of a resort I never see anymore, and it took my breath away. There was an almost-full moon — illuminating the skyline of a hotel I haven’t been to in years, New York, New York. When it first opened, before my time, that resort was the place to be. I love the theme hotels, how surreal they look while driving down the Strip. The wonderlands of resorts such as Wynn and Encore are breathtaking and where I spend most of my time, and I totally get the new, modern era. But the castles, pyramids and fake blue skies of “Paris” and “Venice” are fun, too. I wonder how many people have a similar photo to this one here (palm trees! In front of the Empire State Building!) and never get to see the real Manhattan skyline. Strange how I can look up and have such an enormous reminder of the city that changed my life. I like that Vegas has that tiny edge of ridiculousness.