Whenever I head to the tropics and someone hears I got a little rain, they groan, “awww.” But I love it! The smell of rain and the feel of humidity make me so happy. It’s hard to capture that slice of nature in a photograph, but I liked this picture. Being cold makes me feel so tired, but warm tropical waterfall makes me feel so alive and safe. This photo looks like it could have been taken on a chilly day, but instead we were blanketed by hot, humid air. I took this during an early morning walk in Playa Guiones, a fun surf town a few hours south of Coco.

This is why I travel

This is why I travel.

After a full day laughing with friends on Lisa and Mau’s boat, drinking, snacking, swimming, weathering a rainstorm, hiking alone on an island, exploring the cave on Playa Juevos… Then this magical sunset as we headed home. With not another soul in sight for as far as we could see, we took in these bright colors, changing from pinks to yellow and orange from horizon to shore. We were all in awe!¬†

Shown here: Guanacaste’s famous Monkey’s Head Rock, outside of Coco, Costa Rica.


First taste of winter in Canada

Montreal, Canada, Michael Jackson, Cirque du SoleilWhere do three media types who live in the desert go to for a small shock of winter? Canada of course! Molly Ancell, Melinda Sheckells and I headed to Montreal for the big premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s touring stadium homage, The Immortal. (For more information, including tour dates and the trailer, click here.) Thank goodness we checked the weather before we left — there were low numbers on there we hadn’t seen in a long time. (As I write this back in Vegas, our high today is 93.) We never get to wear winter hats in Vegas, so we were thrilled to don them there. Prior to this trip, I had been to Montreal once — as a teenager, when my mom dragged the family there during spring break. Because nothing says “spring break” like the winter climes of Canada… We were living in Florida at the time, and my brothers were thrilled to see snow. So there you go. It did warm up a bit this trip, but this first day, we were freezing! Winter is here!

Showing off my magazine

Las VegasLast Thursday night, fashionistas nationwide celebrated Fashion’s Night Out. I had the honor of helping Matt Goss award one talented young designer, Jimi, a first-place distinction, an honor that included getting to spend one day with me at Vegas magazine! I hope I can come up with something glam enough for this creative soul. Afterwards, we set up a Forum Shops booth with Christian Dior Beauty to show off the magazine. It was a girls’ wonderland, makeovers and scents by Christian Dior.

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Happy Birthday in Sweet Style

Las Vegas, birthdaysIf you live in Las Vegas, you know the famous junk food platter at Simon, where we love to while away the afternoon, gazing out at the human aquarium. If you don’t, allow me an introduction. My recent trip there last Sunday was for the birthdays of two dear friends. So for the first time, I saw it tweaked a little for a celebration! I’m quite famously not a dessert person, but pretty pink cotton candy and crunchy caramel corn (inside the “to go” container) are perfect treats while finishing the last champagne of a fun Sunday brunch. Enjoy!

Human Aquarium

Las Vegas, travel, tourismNothing shows the Big Divide between Vegas locals and tourists like a Sunday afternoon at Simon Restaurant &¬†Lounge at Palms Place. Inside in the air conditioning, locals sip champagne and dine on sushi and lobster eggs Benedict. Their attire? Chic dresses and heels for the ladies, Sunday best for the guys. The catch is that the tables are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the pool. Outside, the Weekend Warriors don their tiniest bikinis and basically try to get as drunk as possible while baking themselves in the hot desert sun. When they see diners staring, they work really hard to put on quite a show, dancing, wading by while trying not to spill their drinks (who would get in that water? ick), falling on the stairs and everything else. There’s not much else to do but watch!