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Las VegasLast Thursday night, fashionistas nationwide celebrated Fashion’s Night Out. I had the honor of helping Matt Goss award one talented young designer, Jimi, a first-place distinction, an honor that included getting to spend one day with me at Vegas magazine! I hope I can come up with something glam enough for this creative soul. Afterwards, we set up a Forum Shops booth with Christian Dior Beauty to show off the magazine. It was a girls’ wonderland, makeovers and scents by Christian Dior.

Las Vegas, Fashion's Night Out, FNO, Christian DiorEnough makeup for an army — plus talented Christian Dior makeup artists to apply it.

Fashion's Night Out, FNOI ducked over to David Yurman for a glass of champagne and a dry-ice meringue treat. It was bright blue, cold, and made smoke come out of your mouth!

Fashion's Night Out, FNO, Las VegasThe current issue of Vegas magazine, where I spend 99 percent of my waking hours… My current editor’s letter on cover star Kaley Cuoco, the female lead in my favorite comedy show Big Bang Theory: Fashion with a Bang

Or look at photos from our cover party with Kaley herself! I had been having a tough time, but I’m so glad  I was able to “grin and bear it” as they say. It was an amazing night!

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  1. You are such a rock starette! You work *so* hard on your magazine, but the finished product is always stunning! Congrats on your ongoing success!

  2. Aww thank you, JoAnna!! And thank you for dragging me out of the office from time-to-time!

  3. I grabbed a copy of your magazine from Mandalay Bay last month. My wife couldn’t figure out why I was actually reading a letter from the editor in (what she thought was) a fashion magazine.
    Congrats on your new issue. The cover is great!

  4. Thank you so much for reading!! I didn’t know you’d found a copy. I love it! Thank you soo much!!

  5. You are so talented – congrats!!! Would love to try one of those dry ice treats – sound so interesting =)

  6. About time you showed this off! Seriously, this is a BIG deal and so very cool that you do it. It seems like a very glamorous gig to most of us, but I know how hard you work on it. That magazine doesn’t write and edit itself. Kudos to you.

  7. I love the Big Bang Theory too! Your FNO event looked awesome…

  8. The magazine looks gorgeous Abby.

  9. Thank you, Ayngelina!

    Don’t you love it, Liz? It makes me laugh so much — and not in a cheesy way like so many other shows.

  10. Thank you, Andrea. That means a lot.

    Gray, thank you so much for saying that, when you’re one of the few who actually knows the magazine. As always, I love, love, love that you love Vegas!

  11. I’m so proud of you and your mag! CHAMPAGNE AND DRY ICE MERINGUE!?!!??!?! Why didn’t I have that at my wedding?

  12. Haha you would have LOVED the meringue — I bet they can make it in pink!

  13. I’m a little jealous.

  14. That sounds like such a fun night! And even though I know you’re a magazine editor, it was kind of crazy to see your signature at the end of the editor’s letter – so fancy!

  15. Ha thanks, Emily! It’s the first time I ever linked to anything in the mag!

  16. Ditto what Emily said! Now I totally feel like I know someone famous 🙂 You are seriously a rockstar!

  17. Very cool! Exciting events and recognition for your magazine. By the way, I’d love to try that dry-ice meringue treat.

  18. That is a beautiful magazine cover and I love the layout! I’m going to be emailing you for magazine layout tips.

    I did not know you could eat dry ice ice cream. How was it?

  19. Cold and delicious!

  20. Congrats Abby! You’re one talented person 🙂 Like others have mentioned, the dry ice treats are something I’d love to try!

  21. You have one of the most interesting jobs. I know you work hard, but you seem to be having fun at the same time and that’s something to envy. I’d like to win a day with the editor-in-chief of Vegas magazine, too 🙂

  22. I’m always loving the covers of your mag, Abby. So glamorous and beautiful.

  23. Wish I could have been at this event! You know I love you, the magazine, all that jazz. 🙂 <3

  24. Awww thank you so much, everyone!

  25. I love that you work for a magazine, it’s a dream of mine. The final product is just so perfect and glossy and real! I know that you work your ass off to achieve that and it looks beautiful!

    I love Kaley Cuoco in the Big Bang Theory too!

  26. The Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite shows. I always love Penny’s reactions when Sheldon knocks on her door three times. “Penny. Penny. Penny.” It’s so well written and whip-smart sharp. Congrats on nabbing Cuoco for the cover!

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