Daydream of the Week: My new neighborhood

Los Altos Silicon Valley Flowering TreesOne of my favorite parts about leaving Las Vegas for northern California has been the changing of the seasons. When I got here in November, the leaves had changed colors, so the trees were covered in the deep reds and yellows of autumn.Β  Then winter set in, albeit a mild one. Still, the starkness was noticeable, even in sunny Silicon Valley. Now it’s almost springtime, and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous. My dog walks around my neighborhood in the small town of Los Altos are still super-exciting, overcome with flowers of all colors. But even though the pinks, bright yellows and purples are absolutely gorgeous, my favorite California treat are these trees that are covered in white blooms.The petals are already falling off, forming a stunning carpet of flowers all over the grass. My dog plows through it, scattering petals everywhere. And he tugs so hard as he Indiana Jones-es his way through his walk that they few times I tried to take photos, I got nothing but a blurred mess. So today, I left my Jax at home and did a quick walk, sans pup. I posted four of those pics on my Instagram but saved this one for a Daydream. I just love how dense these trees are, almost blocking the California sun with their blooms! Sadly, as I said, these trees are already “shedding,” so their flowers must have a short shelf life.

As I was waiting for the train into San Francisco yesterday, it was 80 degrees out! I actually left half an hour early, just so I could read my book on a bench in the heat. Hot sun, plus flowers in every color of the rainbow? This is my kind of place!

I would love to learn what kind of trees these are, if any of my California friends can tell me!

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  1. I’m so jealous. It will be roughly two months from now before trees in Vermont are blooming. πŸ™

  2. It is fun to “discover” a new backyard and this is the perfect time of year. I envy you that.

  3. This is the first time ever for me (I grew up in Florida and lived in desert area for years). So fun!!

  4. I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area for almost 23 years now, and I have a hard time identifying all the trees and blossom — but I do enjoy them. This year, everything bloomed early, I think, because of the weather. Los Altos is such a nice little town. I know you’ll love it there.

  5. Wow, what a small world. I was born and raised in the Central Valley and live in Reno now. I am by no means a treeologist (Mike word because I’m too lazy to look up the right one) but possibly they are plum trees or cherry trees? Mine are white/pinkish right now too. I so laughed at your dog Indiana Jones-ing on his walk and trying to take pictures. Been there…often! Good post, Abby πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful!

  7. Lol he makes the worst running partner — he zigzags back and forth like crazy!

  8. They are beautiful trees. I love being outside during spring and seeing everything come to life. It’s breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I’ve heard Northern California is gorgeous. I really need to visit soon (especially since I have family there!). Great pics.

  10. Oh, this is such a beautiful photo! Spring is definitely there πŸ˜‰

  11. Yes, come visit!!

  12. Well, doesn’t your new hood look lovely? πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I don’t know anything about trees, but I bet if you ask at Los Altos Nursery they’ll be able to tell you.

  13. I can totally understand your enthusiasm for the change of the seasons. Between Las Vegas and then Phoenix, I lived in the desert for 11 years and forgot what it was like to have a true change of seasons. Now that I’ve been in Italy for a few years, I love when the leaves go all orange, yellow and red. Then after the rainy winter, I can’t wait to see everything turn green and the flowers begin to bloom. We’ve got the most gorgeous flowering trees too. It really is lovely!

  14. They are wonderful plants. I really like being outside during springtime and seeing everything come to life. It’s spectacular. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

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