Best non-Strip sushi restaurants in Vegas

top restaurants in Las Vegas sushi off-Strip


When I wrote about my favorite Las Vegas steakhouses and places to eat sushi on the Strip, I was surprised by how many people cried foul — they wanted a list for off-Strip places, too. Well, ask and ye shall receive… While Vegas is too spread out for me to possibly include every single local sushi spot (Las Vegans love their sushi), I’ve taken some time to compile as many as I could — and even enlisted some professional assistance from my friend Guy, who has the same taste in food as me and hangs out off-Strip way more than I do. Did I mention his six-year-old loves sashimi? Living in Las Vegas is a balancing act between the wallet-busting, delicious, gorgeous cuisine of the Strip, and the “normal” spots that don’t demand every meal be a major production in both attire and budget.

As you would probably guess, I like both!

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Only in Vegas: driving American muscle cars

Abby Tegnelia World Class Driving

I didn’t mean to match my favorite car!

A fearless driver I am not. When I went race car driving with a group of friends, I was the only one who chose a ride-along — but that is my need for speed talking, too. If I’d have driven, I would have putt-putted around the track. (Lame.) Same with off-roading: If I hadn’t jumped in the passenger seat, I would never have gotten airborne! So when World Class Driving convinced me to join their American Muscle Car driving experience one morning, I was so in. I now know that there are ways that even scaredy cats like me can be in on the fun.

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My favorite Strip steakhouses

Steakhouses Vegas


On the Strip, home of the bachelor party (as the Hangover franchise has definitely proven!), the steakhouse is king. As a meat-loving editor who tries every restaurant in the name of research (also see my top five sushi picks), I’ve compiled my favorite ten Strip steakhouses. I chose to stay on the Strip, since most of the people who ask me for recommendations are tourists, not locals. But I can’t resist one shameless plug: My favorite steakhouse in all of Las Vegas is Hank’s, near my home in Green Valley. So if you make it out this way, you must try it! Scroll down to the bottom for two other non-Strip gems. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the top restaurants in Las Vegas — when it comes to finding a juicy steak.

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Daydream of the Week: Flying Private

Abby Tegnelia ElJet private jet charter

About to board my very first private jet flight.

Instead of looking back at one of my favorite places this week, I was thinking about how in the last year I managed to fly private three times… and how there’s this awful chance I might never again. Of course, I might never again make it to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria or Borneo, so how perfect a daydream is hopping on a private jet? I joked that “I could get used to” private jets, and “fine, I’m a jet-setter” after my first two flights — when not flying to the Grand Canyon for the day on my third. But the truth is, I get so frustrated booking my own flights when I travel. And with all three of those flights I didn’t even have to – one was as part of a contest, one was with my company, and one was a group trip. So I asked my friend at ElJet to walk me through actually booking a private jet charter to Las Vegas or Van Nuys, the private airport used by celebrties. He told me to close my eyes, and then he played with my famous impatience: Imagine this, Abby. You’re calling in to your favorite commercial flight company after you have scoured their website for the best deal and departure time. You finally reach the customer service line only to receive an automated response. After pounding on the ‘0’ button and shouting “representative!” you finally reach a human – who tells you about an extra surcharge…

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Hangover Part 3 Buildup with Heather Graham

Heather Graham Abby Tegnelia

Heather Graham teaches me her favorite pose.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend in the US, and this year that means Hangover Part III mania!! For me, it began months ago when planning my tenth anniversary special issue of Vegas magazine. I knew that nothing else could equal the impact on Las Vegas that the Hangover franchise has had. So I was thrilled when Heather Graham agreed to do our cover and host our big party. The result: my favorite cover ever. I was even allowed to buy a special glittery font. (Our finance guy quipped, “I’ve never had to buy an editor diamonds before.”) That’s Vegas for you — we love our razzle dazzle! After the issue came out, Heather came out to Vegas for our huge soiree at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental.

It was the party of the year!

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Top five sushi restaurants on the Strip in Las Vegas

Best restaurants in Vegas Blue RibbonSince Las Vegas is in a desert, many people are surprised to learn about our love affair with sushi. All of this confusion when we are just a 45-minute flight from the California coast, not to mention the private jets that fly in daily from Japan and the Mediterranean! (Of course, after living in Las Vegas for so long, nothing surprises me anymore). Yes, fresh seafood is alive and well in Sin City. While steakhouses remain the norm in bachelor party-heavy Vegas, there is so much amazing sushi on offer. During my almost three years as editor-in-chief of my city’s luxury magazine, which covers the best restaurants in Vegas, I’ve tasted my share. Visitors are always asking me my favorites, so I’ve compiled them here.

My picks? Read on!

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