How well do you know the Las Vegas Strip?

All right, Vegas fans, here’s your chance to show off! How well do you know the Las Vegas Strip? I just took this sweet shot of the entire Las Vegas Boulevard. (You can click on the photo to see it full-sized.) How many of the casinos do you recognize? I’ll give some hints: The best Las Vegas hotels in Las Vegas include the easily recognizable Luxor, New York New York and MGM Grand.

What are some of your favorites?

Coming to town and want to snap a panoramic shot of the Las Vegas Strip? I’d recommend going to Mix at Mandalay Bay, the southern most hotel, to try to take a vertical shot, or heading to the Stratosphere on the north side, home of my favorite ride, Big Shot, which starts its free fall adventure at more than 1000 feet. After you grab that perfect Strip photograph, you can even now jump off the Stratosphere from the 108th floor!

Me? I cheated. My Vegas magazine office, where I serve as editor-in-chief, has a beautiful Las Vegas Strip view. Thanks to our flat desert landscape, I have a clear shot, even though it’s about 20-30 minutes away in a car.

Here’s a full shot, from my office in suburban Henderson, NV:

As you can see, living in the Vegas suburbs offers the best of both worlds: a “normal” lifestyle that’s within eyesight of the parties, A-list events and more that pack the exciting Las Vegas Strip!

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  1. From the small shot I was thinking the airport, but I guess you’re a little further east than that. It’s a great shot though. It’s like a panoramic view of places that I’ve lost money!

  2. LOL I’m actually VERY close to the airport — due east. You’re amazing!

  3. We know the strip TOO well, Abby! What a view you have from your office.

  4. i wanna visit you in your office! 😛 great view and photo, abby!

  5. I don’t know it all, having never been. The only bits I recognise are the ones from films 🙂

  6. know so little about Strip in Las Vegas…looks very funny and amazing…of course!

  7. Even some locals don’t know all of towers that are in the foreground in this photo!

  8. Thanks for the top of the Mandalay tip, Abby….I will definitely check that out next time….love panoramics!

  9. Oh, the Strat!! We still need to go on Big Shot!!

  10. I got Luxor and New York, New York – I don’t even know which one’s MGM! I’m a Vegas failure.

  11. If you recognize the pyramid and Empire State Building, you’re good lol.

    Um, Diana, yes… BIG SHOT!!

  12. I’ve never been! I really should come down while you are still there.

  13. Yes, you should!!

  14. Abby give us a job at your office won’t you? Do you for lunchtime swimming pool dips at the Luxor? I’ll be disappointed if you don’t.

  15. With such a view Monday mornings are not as tough I’d say!

  16. That is just torture! I would want to be at the craps table instead of work every single day!

  17. What a view you have from your office, nice to see another side of Las Vegas..

  18. I do love my view. 🙂

  19. I’ve been in Las Vegas only once, about 20 years ago, and I imagine just about everything has changed since then.

  20. You wouldn’t recognize the place!

  21. I went on the Big Shot many many moons ago when I still had “balls”. Wouldn’t dream of it now.

  22. Caesar’s Palace, Mandalay Bay and Luxor are my top 3. But you see something cool at every hotel! But not so much at Bally’s.

  23. Caesar’s Palace, Mandalay Bay and Luxor are my top 3. But there’s are cool thing to see in every hotel! Not so much in Bally’s though.

  24. The view from your office is amazing! I’ve been to Vegas twice, but the last time was 5 years ago. I go for the shopping, and always get great deals – especially compared to shopping in Canada.

  25. Yikes, I don’t know the strip at all! How is it that I’m already 26 and STILL haven’t been to Las Vegas?? I even lived in San Diego for two years, so distance isn’t an excuse!

  26. Your office view beats mine! Though at present, I have a view of a white barn, a grassy field with flowers in colorful bloom and some errant cows, so mine isn’t too bad either 😉

  27. From left to right, since this pic was taken from east of the strip are Mandalay Bay, New York, City Center and to the right of MGM Grand are the golden colored ones called The Signature.

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