Early to rise, early to board

Kuwait International Airport - ParkingEarly morning and night flights – the bane of a traveller’s life! You might have noticed an increase in this trend, too, as more and more flight companies try and cram as many flights in to popular destinations as possible. Of course this is good for you, as it means more choice and maybe even cheaper fares, but as far as tiredness goes, it’s a recipe for bleary eyes!

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Uninterrupted Bliss in the Caicos Islands

Caicos Islands


Travellers lucky enough to visit the Caicos Islands will undoubtedly tell you about breathtaking beaches, turquoise waters and incredible sea life. Some of the greatest diving holidays can be enjoyed in this much maligned area just 50 miles south of the Bahamas. With Mirus Journeys, you’ll be able to enjoy not just the best sea life and beach experiences but a stay in a luxury resort to match.

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How to Spend the Perfect Day Trip in Toronto

When I was recently home in Albuquerque for Christmas, I failed miserably at being a tourist in my own city. But my friend Simone, of the sassy award-winning blog Skinny Dip, is a rock star. She created for me the best itinerary for her home digs, a little town called Toronto.

Meeting Simone for the first time.

I have so many trusted online friends who I’ve never met, but Simone and I got to spend some quality time together when she last visited Las Vegas for (what else?) a blogging convention. I hope you enjoy her Toronto itinerary for the perfect day trip in Toronto as much as I did. I made it to Montreal this year and have been to other places in Canada, but not Toronto.

I’ve always wanted to go!

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Jesus Year (Turning 33)

One of my favorite aspects of being so active in this crazy online travel world is meeting people like me — and especially connecting with people who are living parallel lives. First, there was Abbey Hesser, of A Chick with Baggage, who not just shared my name as she gallivanted through her travels, but had been living in my exact building in Santa Monica, California as she planned her long-term travel. Yes, we’d been living mere feet from each other while fantasizing about setting out, planning our trips, throwing caution to the wind — and then met on-line months afterward.

My most recent connection has been with Jenny Sundel, of Jesus Year Project (SHOWN LEFT). I talk often of leaving a job and then living as an expat for a year in Costa Rica. Jenny left her job a year later — and went off to Paris to live as an expat for a year. But there’s more: She’s the very person who took the job I left behind! When she asked me to write a guest post on what I learned while living as an expat at the age of 33, my “Jesus Year,” of course I said yes!

Please check it out!

33 Jesus Year Revelations

Meet, Plan, Go — How long-term travel got me my career back

When my friends at Briefcase to Backpack asked me to write up my story about how taking a career break revved up my enthusiasm for my work in journalism, I jumped at the opportunity. I consider any small thing I can do to encourage others to take a step back and experience some time “off” an absolute honor. What I didn’t expect were all the kind words I got in response — the online travel community is a supportive bunch. My “IRL” friends often marvel about how close I am with my online travel friends, but projects like this one illustrate why.

On that note, the stars of Briefcase to Backpack are bringing their popular Meet, Plan, Go event to Las Vegas — and 16 other cities — on October 18th. Here in Sin City, the long-term travel pep rally will be hosted by my dear friend, JoAnna Haughn, of Kaleidoscopic Wandering and WhyGoVegas, and she’s asked me take part. I’m thrilled! She’s already thrown herself into planning, and I’m so excited about all of the ideas I’ve heard so far. I’ve promised to ignore my fear of public speaking and sit on a panel. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, here’s the story I wrote on my life coming full circle thanks to a much-needed 21 months of travel and expat living. Enjoy!

A Life-changing Year Ends Full Circle

Meet Spencer, as he learns the meaning of Pura Vida

Yes, it’s true… My blog is being redesigned into a Vegas blog, to reflect my return “home.” Meanwhile, it just so happens that one of my favorite online travel friends (who I happened to have met twice IRL “in real life”) heads down to Coco. Please support his trip the same way you did mine! Leave comments, share on Facebook, etc. I can’t believe he’s really there!!

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