Fanciest (five-star!) dog hotel in Vegas

Since I just got back from a two-week trip to Argentina, I’ve been asked numerous times about my dogs. I love that everyone is so concerned! No worries — while I was jaunting through South America, my pups were on their own vacation at a five-star Vegas dog hotel. Here they are with their little good-bye bandanas that have become a standard treat for dogs going home! (Sorry for the poor quality of the pic — they’re difficult, wiggly models at best.) They were so tired and well-behaved when I picked them up. It was a very good sign!

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White Party at Nikki Beach

White Party, Nikki Beach, Tropicana, Las VegasThe Tropicana’s $180 million renovation included bringing the swanky Nikki Beach brand to Las Vegas — and there was no way it was going to emerge onto the scene in this town without the splashiest grand opening! There was only one thing to do: throw a South Beach-worthy white party.

Nikki Beach’s white party was talked about for months before the invitations even arrived. I’d been to a few Puff Daddy-hosted white parties in the Hamptons many years ago, but in my memory of five years in Vegas, this was to be the first white party in Sin City. Would the jaded nightclub people here actually wear white head-to-toe? I was excited to find out!

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Why I traveled 5070 miles to go to TBU

weekend getaways with Isabelle Kenis Abby Tegnelia Cailin O'NeilYes, it’s true. I traveled 5070 miles from Las Vegas to Manchester, UK for a weekend-long travel blogging conference. And it was awesome. At first, it was timing and friends that got me to do it, and it never occurred to me that I’d make such a trip again. But now, I’m already thinking of the next ones, TBU in Innsbruck and TBEX in Prague. In an ideal world, I’d get to turn each trip into a much longer vacation, but fitting weekend getaways into a busy life of working full-time sometimes means you make big trips for a shorter adventure.

There are worse things!

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Vegas Party Prep 101 (for Emmy Rossum party)

Abby Tegnelia Vegas magazine Emmy Rossum party

What do you wear to meet Shameless actress Emmy Rossum?

After a year of living in a dusty beach town where getting ready meant putting on a tiny bit of mascara under the air conditioning so it didn’t sweat off before it dried, getting back into the groove of the Vegas party and nightlife scene has taken an enormous amount of energy. And once every month or so, I have an event where I need to look extra special.

Party-prep for my recent extravaganza began the Thursday night before the party. I ran into Bronzed for a quick spray tan on my way to a store opening, with my party dress hanging in the car. There, I chased down my favorite photographer, Al. After the party ended we ran to my car for a mini-photoshoot — of my dress. I needed to make sure it wasn’t see-through!

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Why journalism snobs should love amateur blogs

amateur blogsWhen I was first introduced to the online travel community more than a year ago, I was confused as to why everyone expected me to start an amateur blog . Who would read it besides my mom? What would I write about? And WHAT was the purpose?

I’d been working in magazines since college, so writing just for kicks, for my new friends who I’d never met across the world, seemed a bit ridiculous. And self-published, free eBooks? Give me a break. It’s not that I looked down on all of it… I just didn’t get it. I was in a period of my life, after losing my job, where I wanted to slow down – not add extra projects that appeared to take a lot of time for little or no monetary profit. And so I stayed far away.

Twelve months later, I have changed my mind. In fact, not only do I think the amateur blogging universe is extremely important to the future of professional writing, but I also think that even journalism snobs should have a lot more respect for it. Here’s why.

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