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Escape Monthly

My kind of mail delivery!

Attention wanderlusters: For those of you who haven’t fallen for Birch Box (which I love), this brand-new monthly surprise service might be more your style. Maybe it’s the editor in me, but I just love poring over new products and digging into info on brands and places I’m not familiar with. Seeing as I’m also a travel junkie, imagine how excited I was to be gifted the first installment of Escape Monthly, a monthly shoebox-sized delivery of goodies for the travel-inclined. The first installment just happened to be on Napa, where I’ve been spending a great amount of time lately.

So I dug in with glee!

In a sea of bills and junk mailers, Monthly Escape’s first delivery was the best thing to hit my mailbox in awhile. All I knew was that I was getting a package full of goodies from Napa, so I had no idea what to expect.

I tore it open!

Monthly Escape Box


Like any good vacation, my escape-in-a-box included loads of spa action, including soaps, scrub, sea salts and a loofah.

Monthly Escape Spa


But of course, it wouldn’t be Napa without good eats and delicious wines. In fact, the most generous gift in this first box was a $50 gift certificate to nakedwines.com. For just $10 for shipping, I have six bottles being delivered to my home. And they even gave an additional $40 towards another case. Wow! That should tide me over until my next trip to the wonderful wineries in Napa and Sonoma.

Escape Monthly Food


My final treat? This great Moon guidebook to Napa and Sonoma — I’ll be using this a lot after my move to the San Francisco area very soon!

Escape Monthly Book


Did I mention that every month, one person WINS the escape?

Sign up now with the code ESCAPENOW for 20% off for life.

What are you waiting for? Join me!


My Napa box was a gift, but all opinions on wine country and presents (hint, hint) are my own. 

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  1. What a fun little package! That Naked Wines gift card totally makes it a worthwhile purchase alone. Thanks for sharing the discount code, I’m going to sign up!

  2. It totally did! I can’t wait to see what the next few “escapes” are…

  3. OMG this is life changing!!!!!!

  4. OMG want!!! This looks so fantastic!

  5. Wow! I LOVE this! What a great gift this would be for someone travel inclined.

  6. Very cool! Do they have boxes that are more “guy” oriented? Less scrub, more wine? 🙂

  7. They don’t ship to Canada

  8. Of course not. #buzzkill !!

  9. Fantastic idea. Abby these would be wonderful to receive and also to pass along as birthday gifts/etc to friends who enjoy travel but perhaps don’t get to hit the road as often as they like. Thanks for the tip.

  10. I am definitely going to check this out in grater detail! What a fun and fabulous idea! Who doesn’t love getting brilliant travel presents in the mail?!?

  11. Umm, how awesome does that look?! I’ve been intrigued by these new monthly box delivery schemes for a while, because what’s better than getting a package in the mail, but I’ve never actually ordered one. This one might just be too tempting to pass up!

  12. so awesome!

  13. My kind of mail! What a fun box and filled with awesome things!

  14. Awesome!

  15. Now this is something special. I am sure I would enjoy this.

  16. What a great idea!

  17. I wish we’d thought of it HA

  18. I got and reviewed this box too, Abby…its pretty epic, right?

  19. What a clever idea to add to the monthly box subscriptions going around!!!

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