Daydream of the Week: San Francisco

San FranciscoAs much as I love the peace and rejuvenation effects of the tropics, such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Maui and Borneo, I also thrive on the excitement of big cities. In nature, I relax, breathe deeply, sleep well. But cities get me going — yes, my heart races, I talk too fast, and I am often out of breath. But all of that inner turmoil is where my world changes. I lived in New York City for five years and often miss walking outside of my apartment to run off to the next party, dinner with friends, or a run along the water. I am less of a homebody in the city, because of how easy it is to simply step out into a world where anything could happen. Recently, on my way to the wineries in Napa, I woke up in a friend’s gorgeous San Francisco apartment and took in this view. The endless buildings reaching the horizon? It’s all a blur, isn’t it… I can see what’s right in front of me, but have no idea what awaits farther out. There is something big out there for me, I’m sure. Leaps of faith are difficult, but you can’t discover new ground without losing sight of the land behind you.

I am petrified, but I choose to jump. And I won’t be looking back.

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  1. Ahhh – that fog…

    So wonderful to see you last night – thanks for coming out! You’re going to do great…let us know about TX and if you need any recs for the bay area don’t forget to let me know xx

  2. Woo hoo — keep moving forward! And yes, sometimes it means taking those leaps of faith. Good for all of us sometimes to do that — but it’s so, so hard. Are you jumping to SF??

  3. I am so excited for you and this huge new step you’re about to take! Congrats!!!!

  4. I don’t know if it’s true for everyone who’s addicted to travel, but change in itself is an addiction. I love the contrast between city and country or city and beach.

    This is so exciting! Never been to SF but it’s somewhere I’ve dreamed of living! Lots and lots of luck. I will be following your adventures even more closely!

  5. I am so addicted to change!! I’ve written about it a lot. Thank you so much!

  6. As much as I love getting away from it all, I like my cities too!

  7. YOU CAN DO IT LADY! Also, Virgin has $200 RT flights between us. Can we say party time?

  8. Wait, are you moving? Did I miss something? Good luck in whatever is ahead, lady!

  9. Off to San Fran, good for you! I think the only thing you’ll miss will be the warm weather, but hey, there are chap-ish flights to Hawaii from there 🙂

  10. Yay! That’s so exciting. Best of luck with this next move!! It’s such a great city. I hope you love your time there 🙂

  11. So proud and happy for you, Abby! It takes a lot of guts to step out of one life and try on another. Good luck!

  12. I am happy for you lady. It’s all about doing what is best for you. Continue growing, exploring and being adventurous. A whole other dimension to life awaits.

  13. I agree – cities are definitely where it’s “easy it is to simply step out into a world where anything could happen.” Nice dreamy quality to the street photo too.

  14. Congratulations! CHange is beautiful! Albert Einstein wrote that “Life is like riding a bicycle – In order to maintain your balance, you must keep moving.” It’s a beautifully stated truth. Wishing you bliss on your next adventure!

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