Chanel Fashion: Exclusive look at Numeros Prives

Celebrating Chanel with my Vegas magazine coworkers, Emma and Rebekah.

Proving that Las Vegas knows how to party and is at the height of high fashion, Chanel threw a ten-day celebration at Wynn Las Vegas, in a stunning invitation-only installation titled Chanel Numeros Prives. The opening night soiree drew Jessica Alba, Diane Kruger, Alexa Chung, Rachel Zoe, model Dree Hemingway, George Kotsiopoulos of Fashion Police and many more. For me, the real treat was seeing how Chanel’s most valued customers, flown in from all over the world, put together outfits head to toe. Tokyo’s finest especially shone. A cadre of fashion journalists from NYC gushed the next day, “I don’t want to go back to reality!”

Vegas magazine (yes, I am proudly wearing a spray tan in the above photo with my coworkers!) threw a private Numeros Prives event the next Tuesday, co-hosted by local Chanel devotee Annemarie Jones. She told me of her thoughtful husband securing the necklace Nicole Kidman wore in her Chanel No 5 Baz Luhrmann commercial for her and her friends to wear during a memorable birthday party in Hawaii, and of gifting her with a beautiful Chanel watch that had been on tour, because her special day was before the watch’s on-sale date.

Nothing says “Chanel” like pearls and a boucle suit.

The installation itself was fascinating — having taken a private tour during opening weekend, I was able to take my time during our cocktail party. The admiration of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and her place in history was goosebump-inducing, and Karl Lagerfeld’s interpretation was inspiring. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Karl Lagerfeld designed all of the dolls in the first room at Numeros Prives, a child’s bedroom. Aren’t they chic!

Since Coco herself was orphaned at the age of 12, it is speculated that Lagerfeld designed this room in homage of the childhood she should have had. I loved the wallpaper and this unique doll leaning against this mannequin in her magnificent headdress.

There was an entire room dedicated to Lagerfeld’s sketches.

The entire installation had a moody feel. It was so dark — I loved it.

The lighting at Numeros Prives was so dim in fact, that there are a lot of fun elements that I couldn’t get a good photo of. One of those was these letters, but they were so buzzed about I am including this dark image anyway. When Coco so famously designed the first handbag with a strap, which led to the famous 2.55 Chanel bag, she included a zippered compartment to store love letters. No doubt this romantic soul with a knack for passionate affairs received plenty!








For more photos of me out on the town, please check out my February Vegas magazine editor’s letter here!

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  1. This event looks amazing ( and so do you!) and with such a great atmosphere. Makes me want to watch the Coco Chanel movie again soon – I learned so much about her from watching that film a few years back.

  2. Ohhh good idea! I need to re-watch that, too!!

  3. Ahhhhh why oh why wasn’t I there?????????????????????? Forget Chanel though, you look AMAZING!

  4. Oh, Andi, Lol. Thank you!! You would have LOVED this exhibit and cocktail party. Champagne and Chanel!

  5. What a cool exhibit!! This is something I would have loved to attend!

  6. What an amazing exhibit. I just love Coco, the fact that her handbag had a compartment for love letters makes me love her all the more!

  7. It was so beautiful, ladies! Moody and cool. Women were shrieking over the love letters!

  8. I’m not big into fashion designers, but I do appreciate Chanel. It’s art. I saw the documentary that was made a few years back about Coco Chanel and really enjoyed it.

    P.S. Spray tan looks great. I have so many tan lines right now.

  9. I love your life. What an awesome event. It and you both look fabulous and classy!

  10. Thank you, ladies! I really want to see the documentary now. I’m obsessed with her life!

  11. What an awesome exhibit and fun night!

  12. It was special!!

  13. Love the outfit in img7102 – so incredible! Had no idea Coco Chanel was an orphan…

  14. Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress. – Chanel.
    And you my dear have both!

  15. LOL I love that comment! She had the best quotes…

  16. Chanel certainly never goes out of style and keeps its customers coming back for more. Those outfits are ravishing! Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures!

  17. It was wild to be so near haute couture!

  18. Lucky you — getting to attend such glamorous events. I think that Chanel was amazing and her life was so interesting. Loved the movie “Coco Before Chanel”. BTW, the spray tan looks great.:)

  19. I MUST see that movie now!

  20. I absolutely love Chanel, their simple-looking fashion is classy and definitely unmatched.

  21. Yes, I love the class. The look really is unparalleled!

  22. I watched the film about her life the other week. Definitely an interesting person. Very confident but at times, I felt very conflicted as well. The talent was obviously always there.

  23. I’m a bit jealous 🙂 Oh, well, I might just watch Coco Chanel movie again…

  24. You definitely live the Vegas high life, m’lady!

  25. Something like that lol

  26. Very noir, yet oddly romantic this exhibit. Would be very interesting to see. Will Karl L. bring it to Europe, I wonder…?

  27. Swooning over here!!! I would have LOVED to have seen this. There is something so classic and beautiful about Chanel. They actually had some of the soft Chanel dolls (in the red & cream suits) in this window of the Toronto Chanel store this Christmas – totally adorable.

    You guys look gorgeous by the way! xox

  28. salivating!! what an awesome exhibit! i always love seeing couture exhibits!!

    You looked stunning and like you belonged at that party! 🙂

  29. You look gorgeous! What a life…(slinks away in T-shirt shame…)

  30. Definitely lives up to the billing: classy & fabulous. As others have mentioned, you look classy & fabulous too 🙂

  31. Aww thanks, everyone!

  32. AHHH! I can’t wait to get home and put on my Mademoiselle and pearls on. LOVE IT LADY!

  33. What a glamorous night! I love that Coco Chanel designed a special compartment for love letters – so much more romantic than a text message.

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