Acting Silly at Biale Winery

Biale WIneries in NapaTiffany and I packed a lot into this last trip to California wine country,  from Robert Mondavi and Trinchero, to Benziger and a food tour through my favorite restaurants in Napa. So by the time we arrived at Biale, one of the most fun wineries in Napa, we were a little loopy. Tiff and I had by now joined a larger group of mostly Las Vegans, which created an entirely different vibe. We went from studious wine connoisseurs-in-training to acting completely silly with our hometown gang. Biale was the perfect place for us — it is serious about its wine and family history, but they definitely get a kick out of themselves, which makes me swoon. Family lore includes a teenage Biale family member using the code word “Black Chicken” to sell his jugs of wine on Napa party telephone lines so he wouldn’t get in trouble. So old-fashioned “Watch out for Black Chicken” signs adorn the place, and even some of the wine labels.

We were in the right place.

Biale was even nice enough to provide snacks. But nothing was going to stop our wine-soaked shenanigans!

Biale wineries in Napa


I rarely drink Petite Sirah in public, because I have those teeth that love to turn purple, and that is one of the darkest red wines. But when in Rome… Not sure what I mean? Check out Biale’s inky black saturated wine left on the cork.

Biale wineries in Napa


We tried a Petite Sirah from the Thomas Station vineyard in St. Helena. It was delicious! Maybe we enjoyed it too much, as we quickly turned this tasting into a party.

John Curtas Biale wineries in Napa

Food writer John Curtas is always ready for a laugh!


None of this stopped us from further tasting. We also tried a yummy San Marco Petite Sirah, which I believe might be available only at the winery. And of course we tried Biale’s Zinfandel, the wine that made them famous.

For our grand finale? We got to taste a wine straight from the barrel. I had never done that before!

Biale wineries in Napa

Biale has a great team of people, delicious wines, and a very fun atmosphere. Stop in next time you’re in town!

Biale wineries in Napa Robert Biale Vineyards

 Call ahead — reservations are required!

 Tastings are done seven days a week starting at ten am.

 707-257-7555, X 202 or

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  1. Sounds like a great day! I love mixing it up and visiting small wineries along with some of the larger ones. Especially like all the personal stories. Black Chicken! Hah!

  2. Agreed! That’s what makes wine country so special, the mix. I love it!

  3. Wow Abby! You definitely were at the RIGHT place. Love it. *grin*

  4. You packed so much into this trip! This is another winery that I haven’t been to, but it sounds like fun. I love that they gave you snacks and that you could do a barrel tasting. Biale is now on my list 🙂

  5. Another fine winery, I bet you learned a lot in this trip!

  6. I’ve never tried a Petite Sirah, but if I see a bottle I’ll have to pick one up and enjoy it from home 🙂

  7. Whoa I have never seen wine like that.

  8. Now I really want to try this wine, but maybe at home ha ha ha

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