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Although my alter ego loves to travel (especially to my former hometown in Costa Rica), try new things like hypnotherapy and shaman readings, and take getaways to places such as Napa… in my day job, I am a dorky editor who sits behind her laptop moving words around. My magazine of choice? A little luxury title called Vegas magazine. I am super-proud of the lengthy features we produce and love the profiles we do on all of our local celebrities, but I can’t hide the fact that exactly one section is the most popular.

Our guide.

So far, our guide has covered such popular topics as our favorite bakeries for buying Las Vegas’s most decadent desserts and the most popular one of all time, our picks for the very best steakhouses in town. And trust me, a trip to Vegas isn’t complete without an indulgent meal at one of these hot spots!

Our team takes our “best of Las Vegas” favorites very seriously, and I promise that you can’t go wrong with these lists. Some other favorites:

Wine bars



Body scrubs

Luxury car dealerships

Jewelry stores

Sake bars

Whiskey joints



What topics would you like to see next?


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  1. Now I really have everything I will ever need when visiting Las Vegas (since the only missing ingredient would be you) …

  2. Melissa W. says: about best places to bring your kids!! 🙂

  3. A trip to Vegas is all about indulgence. Then again, I tend to think any trip is about some level of indulgence 🙂

  4. Not surprised this is the most popular part of the magazine.

    Will think about other possible topics 🙂

  5. Kirsten, come visit again!!

    Melissa, you know that’s planned next lol.

    All suggestions welcome!!!!

  6. Nice! Filing this for the next time we can make it to Vegas

  7. Love these lists!!

  8. Anything that has to do with food sounds great to me!

  9. Vegas with children would be my suggestion, too 🙂

  10. Still haven’t been to Vegas, but I’m bookmarking this now for when it happens!

  11. Coffee houses and whiskey bars. Think that’s me covered 😉

  12. The sake bars sound pretty interesting and they also look amazing in the pics. Though I’m not sure I would like sake… never tried it.

  13. Wish I would have had this list when I went to Vegas several years ago, I didn’t really get off the strip and I know there’s a lot more to Vegas than the strip.

  14. Next time you come, I’ll cart you around to all of the non-Strip places!

    Sophie, I’m doing children’s playtime in the very next issue!

  15. Oooh sweet resources!

  16. Well, you couldn’t have picked a better photo for the Steakhouses guide – looks so tempting. I didn’t see Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay on your list — also a good choice, I think. Thanks for sharing all the other guides, too.

  17. Cool and useful selection. Great idea, Abby!

  18. Kris Brown says:

    I enjoyed the article and lists. Many fond memories of Vegas and the lists bring them back to life. One item though it should be “decadent desserts “not “deserts”.

  19. I do like Striphouse! The steakhouses one was one of the most popular guides we’ve done — and the hardest for us to narrow down!

    Great typo catch — thanks!!

  20. Wow literally everything you want need for a good time is in Vegas. You can never go wrong! Thanks for the lists!

  21. I am having a LOT of trouble imagining you as a dorky editor. Sexy jungle princess, yes, but dorky editor? Does not compute…

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