My Life of Extremes: Humor and Workaholism

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Random funny pic unrelated to my blog rant on workaholism. (My friend isn’t crazy, just Canadian.)

Workaholism is a funny thing, and all of my female friends handle it the same way: by completely shutting down on the weekends. I’m not saying it’s the healthiest thing, but sometimes it is funny. And today, for better or worse, I thought I’d share. All of my friends with jobs like mine, that entail a full workload plus evenings of events and business dinners, power through the workweek running on empty. Then when it’s time to make plans with our free time on the weekends, it’s like pulling teeth to get us off the couch. But that doesn’t stop us from texting! (In fact, it may be the only time we’ve had all week to “catch up.”) How we manage to text all day long about absolutely nothing really is a gift, one I fear is shared only with bored teenagers. But why keep these talents to ourselves?

And thus I present, Mind of a Workaholic Female.

How many different women dealing with workaholism do you think are quoted here?

“Hey! How was last night? I got home by 11 and slept ten hours for once. Then I took a four-hour nap. Now I am a giant slug on the couch.”

“I stayed out until 1! But the party hadn’t really started yet. We were so tired, so we just left.”

“Last night got way too late. So I slept all day. But I would have slept all day if I’d gone to bed at 9, so whatever. I could honestly go back to sleep.”

“Omg me, too!”

“I wasted today. I have so much stuff to do. Yet all I did was eat and sleep.

“I sprinkled veggies and salad throughout the weekend but overall ate like it was my Last Supper.”

“I ate a full pizza, a giant pizza. Tomorrow is a new day.”

“Watching Fashion Police. Horizontal.”

“The Emmys one?”


“So good! I watched it earlier.”

“My brain keeps telling me to get out of the house.”

Brains should not be allowed to work on Sundays. Besides, Sunday night TV starts soon.”

“What did you buy to eat?”

“Wine. You?”


“Did you go out into the world? That pizza was the only reason I left my home this morning at 11.”

“Yeah. I am in the grocery store parking lot trying to get the energy to drive home.”

“I barely have the energy to send this text.”

“Amazing Race started tonight. Sometimes I think we should do it, but then I think people would die (not us) from crankiness.”

“I don’t think I could do the challenges.”

“Our combined talents might get us through. You’d be great at the puzzle challenges, and I could throw watermelons and stuff.”

“I’m too busy to plan a vacation. Laying in bed all day sounds easier and better.”

“I have heard that about eight times already today.”

“Well listen to those smart people! They have the right idea.”

And then I start thinking… I need to go away for a weekend. Even for a night. I need to be on the move. Yes, there are only two things that energize me: doing nothing — and travel. Globe-trotting travel, and as many getaways as I can fit in.

My life of extremes. The only thing that got me off the couch: Sunday evening, 9 pm, and I am obsessed with planning my next trips. I have work commitments that keep me in town for many of the next few weekends, but I will buy a plane ticket tonight for absolute certainty. And then I must start planning my next vacation, hopefully for November.

How is your life one of extremes?


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  1. Mike Snedegar says:

    So true!
    “Wine you?”

  2. Melissa W. says:

    Some of those text messages look very familiar!! πŸ™‚ Laughing so hard it hurts!!!

  3. A lot of those sound like me on the weekends. Or the weekdays. This definitely isn’t exclusive to women. Or to people with real jobs. I’m neither of those things and like I said, I could have easily written some of those texts. Assuming I wrote texts. Or had a cell phone.

  4. Hello Abby!

    One of the best quality who I appreciate about your way of being a blogger is,
    “your ability and talent of saying a lot around a topic by using few words”!
    At that time, you’ve written a little bit more than you usually do but doesn’t matter!!
    I like doing the same across social networks, even though I haven’t achieved your level and quality yet! Maybe, in the future…. .
    We will see!!

    All the best!

  5. Haha I am so glad I’m not the only one who gets a kick out of us lol.

  6. “Wine” was awesome! Almost laughed myself right off the couch.
    Thanks for the laugh Abby. Hope your next trip is right around the corner.

  7. So where did you decide to go in November?! I hope you get some relax time soon!

  8. Huge compliment coming from the funniest guy I know!

    Christy, I couldn’t commit to November. Any ideas?

  9. Clearly, you need that vacation in November πŸ™‚

  10. I concur!

  11. Your text conversations are hilarious…I love it! (However, I have no idea how you do it all without being a total coffee addict like I am. You are a total superhero.)

    If you ever need a weekend away you know you are always welcome here!! xo

  12. Very funny!

  13. I can relate! Whenever I end up doing social things on the weekend I have a great time, but just sitting in my house relaxing usually sounds so much better than making the effort to actually DO something.

  14. Sometime I feel that I the term was created for me. Love the article!

  15. Emily, you do more than anyone I know. So if it’s sometimes hard for you, I feel so much better!

  16. I completely understand this and just hope this is not what happens to me now that I’m back in the corporate world.

  17. Hilarious:)

  18. I was at an event the other night and when I went to check in at the media table, the guy said he knew who I was, which was an absolute first for me. I mentioned it to someone else at the event, and we both decided that was probably an everyday occurrence for you. πŸ™‚

  19. I’m glad you think so! (And not “lazy.”) Maybe next I need to write a sample itinerary for during the week…

  20. Something like that. πŸ™‚ (Pulled in 100 directions everywhere I go is more like it!) But in the blogging world, hey, I’m all but anonymous! (Maybe that’s why I like it!)

  21. mmmmm… Wine! Good choice πŸ˜€

  22. I admire you because I have never been a workaholic because that sounds crazy!


  24. This sounds like my life right now. Work and do nothing. Sometimes i actually do bloggy stuff on the cpu. Mostly im on facebook. Maybe when i finally get a car this will change. I have things to do…but then i realize that 1 thing will take me 3 hours by bus, in the sun, and I take a nap instead.

    Speaking of naps – I should be heading to work now. …by bus…2 hours early….

  25. Hahahahaaaaa. I MISS our text messages about wine and food and not moving. <3

  26. Haha, loved these. The only time I TRULY let myself veg out is when I am hungover, so I actually cherish those days. Oh and don’t go away the weekend that I’ve coming to Vegas, I want to meet up! πŸ™‚

  27. I really hope you can go on vacation soon, can’t wait to read more on that! πŸ™‚

    PS I also buy wine for dinner. In Europe, it’s cheaper than food anyway.

  28. That was kind of me for a VERY SHORT period of time, just about when I decided that wasn’t supposed to be me and I quit a salary for the most financially unstable lifestyle. Still enjoying it πŸ˜‰

  29. Wine? Did someone say wine please?

    Las Vegas Photographer

  30. Oh I so understand this… happens all the time to me!

  31. I love that guys can relate! (I’m not surprised.)

  32. Great Article!! I could relate to so many things!!

  33. Haha I love a good text exchange! You do not have to even have to go through the effort of talking πŸ™‚

  34. Exactly!! And you can watch TV at the same time.

  35. I am also fitting into the category! I make a sorry traveler but it’s good to know what moves you forward & do that!

  36. Whatever gets us off the couch, right?

  37. this is so true. thank you for validating me. πŸ™‚

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