Wild, beautiful, breathtaking: landscapes of Sedona

Abby TegneliaAlthough I love how exciting my life is in Las Vegas, one of my favorite parts about living there is that there are so many wonderful things to do and see within a few hours drive. I recently hit the road with my friend Diana to spend a few nights at the absolutely stunning L’Auberge de Sedona in Arizona before heading to nearby historic Jerome on a search for Quince, deemed by some (and now me!) the best New Mexican food in the southwest. On our first morning, we jumped in one of the town’s famous Pink Jeeps for a drive around the rock landscape that has made this town so famous. It was an unbelievable morning! In addition to taking in all of this incredible scenery, our driver knew all about the native plants, so we got a biology lesson along the way. I never knew anything about agave, which has a flower that grows faster than anything I’d ever heard of — and then dies after one season. Once you know where to look, you can see the plants in various states of decay all over the desert!

Pink Jeep Tours

Quirky transportation for a quirky little town: Pink Jeeps are the most popular mode of visiting the famous Sedona landscapes.



The desert is home to some gorgeous flowering plants.

Not surprisingly, Sedona has some pretty wild mountain biking trails, which you can see from this tour.



I took this tour as a guest of Pink Jeep, but all opinions are my own. Special thanks to the beautiful L’Auberge de Sedona hotel, who arranged the tour for me.

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  1. Fascinating landscape. I never knew the Arizona desert was so colourful (even without the Jeep)

  2. I have driven through Sedona once on my way to the Grand Canyon. We had to make it before sunset (and turn around and drive right back to Tempe), so I didn’t have the chance to stop and take photos in Sedona. Definitely hope to do another road trip in that area when I have more time to enjoy the scenery.

  3. We zoomed through there a few years ago. Next time, we’ll spend some time 🙂

  4. You guys would all LOVE taking photos there!! There’s so much to see. I want to go back and stay even longer.

  5. Nice pics. It’s almost hard not to take a great shot in Sedona…it’s so beautiful. I captured some awesome (and rare) video of Slide Rock last year without a soul in sight: http://www.MikesRoadTrip.com/slide-rock

  6. I was just telling Scott that we should go to Sedona for his birthday in June. I’ve never been and it’s always been a place that I’ve wanted to check out. I’ve heard there are some great waterfall hikes too.

  7. Nice pics. It’s hard to take a bad one in Sedona…it’s so beautiful. I captured some cool and rare footage of Slide Rock last year without a soul in sight: http://www.MikesRoadTrip.com/slide-rock

  8. You are wild, beautiful and breathtaking in sedona landscapes! Can’t wait to see you in the jungles of Costa Rica! Safe travels.

  9. NEXT WEEK!! Sooo excited!!

  10. 1) You look gorgeous and happy!
    2) Love Sedona.
    3) Love the pink jeep tours there!
    4) Did you buy any of the soap there? I’m obsessed with it.

  11. Ohhh! I love Sedona – – it’s always so serene and peaceful there. Always feel so alive there too 🙂

    Cathy Trails

  12. It is sooo serene. I needed longer to unwind!

  13. You’re in the desert in a bright pink Jeep, but you’re wearing all black? You’re nuts, but you take beautiful pictures.
    Did they let you drive the Jeep?

  14. Gorgeous photos, it really shows you don’t have to go far from home to travel to amazing places.

  15. The tour was so amazing! Great photos!!

  16. What gorgeous scenery! And a pink jeep? So fun, and what a great color, it really pops in the desert! 😉

  17. I want to take a tour in a pink jeep!

  18. Sedona looks amazing! I’ve heard so much about it but have never had the chance to go…yet! I might just have to add Sedona to my list. Even if it’s just to ride around in a pink jeep! ha!

  19. They let the Agave die!?!? Unsat!!! That’s good chocolate tequila there dying on the desert floor!

    I mean, come on, I think we can all agree the world needs more chocolate tequila.

  20. We loved Sedona. My parents used to live in the Phoenix valley, so each time we visted, we would take a little excursion ourselves. One trip led us through Sedona, where we rented a Jeep ourselves and took some of the trails – man, is that wild! I have a Wrangler myself, but I only do light off-road in it. In Sedona, we were on trails where all you saw was blue sky as you climbed a hill. We also saw the Pink Jeeps while we were out and about.

  21. The drive to Sedona from the North, which winds its way down the canyon, is one of my favorite drives. I like in AZ and there is never enough time to explore all the interesting places in this state.

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