Why do YOU Want to See the Strip?

gamblingI lived in Las Vegas for six years and still travel there every few weeks. Yes, you read that right. And I love showing off my adopted hometown! Even more exciting? Hearing from someone who has never been – but is planning a trip:
Hello! My name is Steve, and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been to Las Vegas. I live in Europe, and I do a lot of traveling around – I especially love to visit the ruins of old castles hidden among the mountains. I’ve been to a series of countries – I have visited the vast forests of Moravia and the crags of the Pyrenees, I’ve crossed the Old World from one end to another… but I’ve never been to one of the most famous tourist destinations in the United States.
But I plan to do it this year. It is my New Year’s resolution.
Why? Certainly not for gambling.
Living in Europe has its advantages. For example, the fact that you can get free slots in your living room here thanks to the all-powerful internet. The gambling regulations in Europe are more
liberal than in the US, which means that I can satisfy all my gambling needs – if I want to – without the need to leave the house. Or put on pants for that matter.
No, gambling is not my reason to want to see the Strip. It’s the thing most visitors call the “WOW factor” that attracts me to the Sin City.
And I think I’m not the only one to think so. I’ve read news reports about how the number of tourists arriving to Las Vegas grows year after year (for last year it easily exceeds 42 million) and how the revenues generated by casinos is declining. It seems that the visitors going there are no longer interested in hitting the slots or spending their time (and money) at the baccarat table, but in the other attractions the Las Vegas Strip has for them.
So why do I want to see the Strip?
First of all, it’s the shows that sound the most attractive. I would love to see David Copperfield performing live on stage. I would love to observe the Cirque du Soleil acrobats in their “natural habitat”. I would love to attend a musical, then leave happy and explore a series of pubs on my way to the hotel. I’d even go as far as to have dinner at The Colosseum while listening to Celine Dion, even if I will never forgive her for “My Heart Will Go On”.
Not that I wouldn’t have enough entertainment back home. But hey – where else can you see so many amazing performances in one place? Where else could you see so many celebrities perform in one night? Where else can you find such an amazing abundance of entertainment crammed into a single city?
So, now you know – this is why I want to see the Strip.
What are your reasons?
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