The Wild West side of Vegas you’ve never seen

Longhorns wild westI know, I know… At this point you’re tired of it. “Vegas isn’t only about the Strip” seems to be my war cry, as I go zip-lining, race-car driving, or fly a jet plane … “Give us some Strip!” you might be thinking. I’ve decided I will, starting this week. But I couldn’t resist one more opportunity to show the side of Vegas no one seems to see anymore. See, no one seems to remember that my desert town was fairly recently a thriving little town in the West Wild. In fact, right out of town (I can literally see the drop-off from city to desert from my office window), there are still ranches of all kinds in Vegas. Yes, all of these photos were taken within city lines. The only thing missing: photos of horses, as that is a huge industry in my town. Alas, I don’t ride. But I think you’ll like these non-Strip Vegas shots. Enjoy!

If I could escape to this secret garden in the afternoons, I think I’d be a much more peaceful soul.

Secret Garden Wild West

Yes, right outside of the busiest parts of Vegas, lies nothing but land.

Modern Wild West

Bird Feeder

I loved the look of this sassy little guy.


And… For the grand finale, some buffalo pictures taken in Vegas.

Buffalos Wild West

Buffalo Wild West

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  1. Hey! I like seeing what’s off the Strip. It’s a whole other world for me. 🙂

  2. If you weren’t such a social butterfly when you are here, I’d drag you off-Strip sometime!

  3. You wouldn’t have to drag me, Abby! I actually long for the day when I can be in Vegas for longer chunks of time and stay off Strip just to see what it’s like. My trips are too short.

  4. I’m sure there are lots of places in and around Vegas that are better than the strip 🙂

    My wife wants to go back in a couple years- she can stay on the strip, I’ll explore the periphery!

  5. Las Vegas is very odd – there you are, desert all around, and all of a sudden, this almost surreal apparition of a city appears. At least that’s what I thought when I was there, more than 20 years ago. Interesting with the animals, a bit of Bonanza near the city, eh? I’ve really enjoyed your ‘Las Vegas is much more than gambling’-posts 🙂

  6. This is the side of Vegas I want to see next time I visit!!!

  7. Love that last shot! It’s definitely not what I think of when I think Vegas.

  8. Thank you!! I LOVE that shot, too. It also happened to be one of the first ones I took with my new camera. I’ve been saving it!

  9. I agree, last shot is the best!!

  10. Now this is a Vegas that I could love! You need to take me here.

  11. This is the side of Vegas I want to see. After a day or two on the strip I want something more peaceful.

  12. If I were to visit the Wild West side of Las Vegas, where would I go riding horseback? Maybe I’ll take you with me next time I visit Vegas and we’ll go riding. What a trip!

  13. That’s a side of vegas I would be more interested to see when I visit 🙂

  14. It is sooo peaceful!!!

  15. This is so fun! Love that you are crusading to show a different side of your city 🙂

  16. I love Vegas but it (and you) do have your work cut out for you to prove it’s more than the strip.

  17. You are right this is not what I expected at all. Las Vegas seems to have more depth than anyone ever learns.

  18. Someone really was crazy enough to see a desert and decide to build a gambling mecca right in the middle of it. The desert still exists along every border!

  19. I like that you’re covering a different side to Vegas. It does seem that the strip is all you ever hear about!

  20. Maybe I should keep the off-Strip gems as our locals’ little secrets lol.

  21. I agree with everyone else, this is really a great thing to show people that Vegas is always just about gambling or things to do with the family downtown. I love your photos and when I travel, I like to experience it all as well. Rent a Ferrari and drive to pet a buffalo lol… only in Vegas.

  22. I love the desert! These are great shots Abby!

  23. Indeed I would never bet it is in Vegas, I would actually bet it is not lol Love the buffalos!

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