Vegas Party Prep 101 (for Emmy Rossum party)

Abby Tegnelia Vegas magazine Emmy Rossum party

What do you wear to meet Shameless actress Emmy Rossum?

After a year of living in a dusty beach town where getting ready meant putting on a tiny bit of mascara under the air conditioning so it didn’t sweat off before it dried, getting back into the groove of the Vegas party and nightlife scene has taken an enormous amount of energy. And once every month or so, I have an event where I need to look extra special.

Party-prep for my recent extravaganza began the Thursday night before the party. I ran into Bronzed for a quick spray tan on my way to a store opening, with my party dress hanging in the car. There, I chased down my favorite photographer, Al. After the party ended we ran to my car for a mini-photoshoot — of my dress. I needed to make sure it wasn’t see-through!

The next morning, I woke up at five am to squeeze in a workout before work. We concentrated on my arms and back, so I’d have good posture at the party. After a few hours at the office, I ran to Platinum Entourage blowdry bar to have my makeup done by the super-talented Megan Mulligan. She’s amazing! Then it was off to the uber-famous Michael Boychuck’s Color salon in Caesars Palace. Two hours later, I walked out feeling like a rockstar, thanks to Michael’s color and Jackie’s cut. I cannot recommend them enough. I love my hair! To think that the last time I got blond highlights The party's ready for Emmy RossumI’d been sitting on a friend’s porch in Costa Rica and rinsed in a shower on the beach…

Color is in a fab hallway near the super-posh restaurant Guy Savoy, in a separate wing of the hotel from the main lobby. I quickly commandeered the enormous marble bathroom and set out getting changed. Dress, heels, jewelry… I was ready in ten minutes but was then horrified to see that the front of my dress was a bit drapey. I ran downstairs into my car, threw on an old faded sweatshirt and drove down to the closest Target to buy safety pins. I have one thing to say: I never want to be in a Target in a sketchy part of town, alone, on a Friday night ever again.

Crisis averted, I drove to the Bellagio for my night to begin.

After dinner at Yellowtail, it was off to The Bank nightclub for the big soiree. It was already packed when we got there, everyone from Vegas running around to make Abby Tegnelia Vegas magazinesure everything was perfect. I floated inside for about half a glass of champagne before being beckoned back outside. Our cover star and party hostess, Emmy Rossum, was on her way — showtime!

My partner in crime/publisher, Joe, and I took photos with Emmy, who’s currently starring in Showtime’s Shameless, after her solo shots. The whole thing always happens so fast, thank goodness.

I had an amazing night at The Bank. So many people from the office came, and we danced and chatted for hours. Then my friends Jessie, Quynh, Jessica and I took off to make the rounds. We tore through Rain and Marquee nightclubs before finally heading home (as always, in a cab).

From five am to five am, it was a whirlwind! I was just snuggling into bed at the time I used to wake up in Costa Rica.

It’s been a wild transition, but it’s so worth it for the adventure. There’s always something new!

Abby Tegnelia Emmy Rossum Vegas magazine

On the red carpet with Emmy Rossum and my publisher, Joe Vann.

Vegas magazines with Emmy Rossum on the cover

The latest issue, with Emmy on the cover.


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  1. Can I like, have you life? Please?! My party prep involves my chi, some mascara and MAYBE eye shadow and lip gloss! haha

  2. Ummmm you are so glam and chic!!! Love your hair and dress. <3

  3. Aww thanks, Andi! I do love my hair. It’s funny how new color can change how you feel!

  4. I’m trying to grow out my colour. It’s traumatizing haha… I’m super jealous. You look fantastic though 🙂 !

  5. I agree with Andi – I LOVE your hair and you look totally glam 🙂

  6. Aww thanks, ladies! I’m the WORST at getting ready — and it’s taken me six months to get my hair back like this! It’s exhausting!

  7. I love that the process of getting glam isn’t always so glam itself – you’d never think from the photos that you’d made a pit stop at a Target wearing an old sweatshirt. It sounds like a fun night though, and you looked great!

  8. Thanks, Emily! I don’t buy new clothes because I hate spending the money, so I was terrified that my one new dress was A) see-through B) was going to flop open. It’s not like I have such high self-confidence about this stuff to begin with! That old sweatshirt saved the day!!

  9. Wow! what a change in lifestyle eh. That is something I miss, I love dressing up and going out and look forward to having a reason to do it again. You look gorgeous and what an amazing night.

  10. Wow, you really live in a whole other world now, don’t you? You seem very natural in this setting, though. (For someone with low self-confidence about “this stuff”, you bluff very well.) It’s harder for me to believe you were ever a beach bum in Costa Rica….

  11. Dave and Deb: I did miss dressing up some — even when I lived in Austin I felt that way. In that way, Vegas is fun!

    Gray: I’m re-getting used to it 😉

  12. What a life! Hair looks fab!

  13. Oh you really do need to write more posts like this so I can get a peek into the glam life.

    Right now the most glamorous thing I’ve done is wear clean clothes 🙂

  14. Love your new site design, darling! And I’m not going to lie, but this post made me a little jealous of that old Hollywood lifestyle we used to live. I rarely miss getting dolled up to go to the clubs, but I DEFINITELY miss a good blowout, a haircut that takes place outside my bathroom and god how I love getting my makeup done… Your red carpet pics look fab. I couldn’t be happier for you and your repatriation.

  15. Wow, to be a star for a night. The backpacker trail looks nothing like this. Good to escape into another world through your post. Thanks

  16. That all sounds like a crazy whirlwind..and so much fun!

    You look absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  17. Aww thanks, ladies! You guys are so cute. Abbey, it’s so funny how we lived in LA of all places and never knew each other. We would’ve been getting ready together every night! (Well, a few nights a week…) Ayngelina, glad you liked it! You were so encouraging in my finally writing about Vegas. Thank you! And thank you, Skinny Dip. 🙂

  18. It’s been a weird transition from living the dream traveling myself to escaping via blogs and tweets like yours! Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  19. Thanks, Rebecca!!

  20. Gorgeous pics!! Between your job and being in Vegas, I imagine you seldomly get bored 😉

  21. Gorgeous pics!! Between your job and being in Vegas, I imagine you seldom get bored 😉

  22. Aw… the first post I read of yours from your CR days was when you were getting your hair highlighted on a beach. You look beautiful and happy! And I can’t wait to come play dress up with you someday. Your new/old life seems to suit you very well!

  23. I’m with Ayngelina – more please! I like to read about glamorous things so I can live vicariously through you. <3

  24. A new blog design, a new Abby! Whoa! Are you the same person?? Next thing I know you’l be walking down the red carpet in LA! 🙂 I see you’re having a blast with your lifestyle change…keep sharing this with us!

  25. you look so marvelous in these pics!!

  26. I need to get my ass to Vegas.

  27. Holy smoke, Batman. This is a glimpse into a whole other world for me! You look great – so glad you’re enjoying it.

    that is all 🙂

  29. You look GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  30. Sounds like a really fun night! I agree with all the comments above, your hair looks great!

  31. Fabulously gorgeous color and cut!!! xoxo

  32. Oh man, that is pretty intense! I can imagine it must feel a bit bizarre after Costa Rica. My wedding is in three weeks, and I had the trial hair/makeup recently. A spray tan, an hour of hair updo, an hour of makeup up-do. I have to do it all over again the big day. I can’t imagine doing that all the time! It is a bit exhausting. But you look great 🙂

  33. Nice post and looking great for the party! What a change from where you were to the neon light in Vegas but its your dream job. Have fun changing your life.

  34. The hair! The dress! Awesomesauce. You look gorgeous, as always. It’s fun to vicariously live through your life.

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