Bet you can’t guess where in the world I am…

I have never been mistaken for Sporty Spice, yet I was recently talked into skiing for the first time since I was 16 (if you count reading Sweet Valley High in the lodge skiing). I chickened out recently on a challenge course, and I feel way more comfortable at parties like Chanel and world premieres. Yet, I am still usually up for trying anything, and what winter is really complete when meringue is the closest to seeing snow you got all season? So off to the ski resort I went! On the way in, I could not have felt more out-of-place and uncomfortable, as you can see here. I eventually found my friends, the clothing rental, and my ski instructor, so at least I looked the part. But inside I was so nervous!

Yes, I took lessons, although you’ll have to wait until next time to find out how I did. 

In the meantime, see if you can guess which ski resort I was able to make a quick winter wonderland getaway to!

If you can’t stand it and want to cheat, like my page on Facebook, where I uploaded labeled photos in real time.


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  1. Based on the recent post of another Vegas-based blogger, I bet I CAN guess where you are!

  2. Serves me right for posting last lol!

  3. Can I say it here? I think it’s Mount Charleston since it’s near Vegas. I’m still hoping that I get a ski weekend soon. Winter is moving along quickly!

  4. When are you coming to visit?!

  5. You are so cute! I think I know where you went since I just recently read Diana’s post. Although, I don’t remember the name of the resort. hehe

  6. Diana was a WAY better skier than me!!

  7. You have all that wonderful warmth back in Vegas. Why in the world would you drag yourself up to the areas that God tries to keep cold enough that people won’t go there?
    At least you looked good doing it!

  8. It was a quick trip, believe you me!! Just had to see snow once!

  9. I’ve never been skiing before! And it’s one thing in my life that I have NO desire to ever try. You look GORGEOUS!!!

  10. I was the worst skier in the whole group!! I was terrified.

  11. Well, well, well…. look who got her snow fix just like the NVR Guys did. Sure is pretty… where-ever you were!

  12. I think we do far better in places where we can sit inside and watch everyone outside ski. But, it was a lot of fun! 🙂 That last photo is gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to read about your actual lesson.

  13. I haven’t skied for about 25 years… wouldn’t mind getting back out there.

    I haven’t cheated yet, but it doesn’t look like the Rockies. I’d say you stayed somewhat close, like the Sierra Nevadas.

  14. I’ve never been skiing, but it looks like a blast! I took my daughter sledding when we were in Yellowstone last week and she laughed her head off, even when she wiped out. Glad you didn’t break anything in the process…

  15. They had sledding there, too. TONS of kids! I think I belonged there instead of on the bunny slope!

  16. I was going to go with Tahoe! I’ve never been skiing, although I’ve been on top of some amazing mountains. Go figure :). xoxo

  17. Let’s see, I’ll guess Lake Tahoe. That’s close to Nevada, isn’t it?

  18. Everyone is going skiing – Shaun has been dying!

  19. Tahoe IS near! Although I’ve never been… I think Shaun is a bit more adventurous than you and I!

  20. I have two left feet, so I’ve never been skiing, but that resort looks lovely!

  21. Skiing is such a fun activity. I was definitely scared to at first but it just becomes addicting! I’m glad you enjoyed your experience.

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