My Travel Wishlist for Perth, Australia


Photo courtesy of Crown Perth.

I’m not scared of long plane rides – I’ve been all over Asia, including Macau, China, Thailand, Sinapore and Borneo. Yet, I’ve never made it to Australia. When my best friend married a guy from Sydney, I thought I’d have my chance! But being the considerate folks that they are, they decided to split the difference and say “I do” in Maui. I am now extra-determined to make it there soon.

Since I grew up in Florida and have lived in Costa Rica, it’s no secret I’m a beach girl. So I’m taking a look at Perth as my first stop!

The top 5 things on my Perth travel wishlist:

Cottesloe Beach

Gorgeous coastline, blue water, family-friendly. That’s the perfect beach day for me! There are plenty of more party-centric beaches in Perth for those who want it, but I love relaxing in the sand, and listening to the waves crashing and young kids shrieking as they play in the water.


King Park and Botanic Garden

I’ve been a sucker for botanical gardens every since I stayed within walking distance of the Jardim Botanico in Rio de Janiero. I loved spending peaceful hours there. So when I get to Perth, I’m heading straight to Kings Park with a picnic basket, and then strolling through the colorful flowers of the garden.

Swan Valley wineries

“Wino” is one label I will gladly accept, so I can’t wait to spend some time in Swan Valley. After spending so much time in Napa and Sonoma this past year, I can’t wait to see what a different wine country is like. So many of the wines that I enjoy are from Australia and New Zealand, so spending time in Swan Valley would be a real treat.

Crown Perth

I know it’s the Vegas in me, but I love places like Crown Perth! Restaurants, hotels, nightlife, spa and casino all in one? Sounds perfect to me! The entertainment complex is right outside the city in Burswood.

Aviary Perth

My nightclub days are long over, but I keep hearing that Perth has plenty of wine bars and lounges for those of us who like to be out but are “a year or two” over the club scene. Of all the restaurant/lounges in Perth, The Aviary caught my eye, because of its enormous rooftop. I’d love to have an excellent meal in its Bird Cage, then finish the evening with drinks at The Nest, on the roof.

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