Cirque du Soleil: Behind the Scenes

On our third (and last) day in wintery Montreal, which we were visiting for the Michael Jackson world premiere. we were in for quite a treat. We were going behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil at their world-wide headquarters! Cirque performers are encouraged to be creative in all aspects of their lives. The hallways are bursting with paintings and sculptures that employees make on their own time, and visiting all of the workshops was fascinating. Come on — I’ll take you on a tour. You’ve never seen Cirque du Soleil like this! We got to see what makes them tick.

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Michael Jackson Cirque premiere in Montreal

Montreal, Michael Jackson, Cirque du Soleil

World premiere red carpet for Cirque’s Michael Jackson homage.

Despite having seen all seven of Las Vegas’ Cirque du Soleil shows, all but one of them two or three times, when I headed to wintery Montreal (Cirque headquarters!), I had no idea what to expect. The brand has already put its mark on the legendary Beatles and Elvis Presley, but Michael Jackson? For some reason, this was different. And I was going to see first-hand, at the world premiere of The Immortal, Cirque du Soleil’s stadium tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson. The excitement was building fast! The show was about to embark on a tireless North American tour. Its only prolonged stop? Las Vegas, of course!Twenty-four nights in Sin City, starting December 3. A more theatrical version of the Michael Jackson spectacle will eventually settle in Sin City permanently. I can’t wait!

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An All-American … Castle?

New York, travelThe U.S. isn’t known for our historical castles — maybe because we don’t have any. Perhaps the closest we’ve got to offer is Oheka Castle on Long Island, NY, which was built as a private residence in the early 1900s. I spent a few days there at a company meeting and thought it was so beautiful that I snapped a few photos while I was supposed to be focusing on my upcoming presentation. Since we all know I have an enormous public speaking phobia, it wasn’t a rough decision to play hooky — at least for a few minutes!

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Grand Canyon Ranch

Las Vegas, travel, Grand CanyonMy friends and I always say that the trick to living in Las Vegas (or New York City or Los Angeles…) is getting out of town for weekend getaways like Ojai, South Beach or Napa. But one of my most memorable getaways in the past few months was an even quicker trip, to Grand Canyon Ranch — we left at 4 pm and arrived home early enough the next morning to make it to work almost on time. But it felt like we’d gone to the other side of the world and back. That’s one of the most magical parts about living in Las Vegas — as you fly away the scenery goes from razzle dazzle to miles of nothingness is a blink of an eye. The part of this trip I was most excited about — my very first helicopter ride! My friend and coworker Tiffany had invited me on the overnight to get to see the ranch, as our company has some exciting things planned with them. I couldn’t wait! We both went straight from the office, in high heels and dresses. Our fellow passengers, all in appropriate tourist wear, looked at us like we were nuts. We’ll know for next time!

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