Soul2Soul: my review of Tim and Faith’s Vegas show

Tim McGraw Soul2Soul Venetian Vegas

Tim McGraw: photo courtesy of Venetian


Country music is having somewhat of a moment here in Las Vegas. Concerts, of course, have always come through town — and Garth Brooks had a successful run at Wynn. But this month, Shania Twain opened at the Colosseum, the first country crooner to do so. And the very next week, power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill started a limited run of Soul2Soul at Venetian. As you can imagine, the Shania vs Tim and Faith debate has been a hot topic all over town! Strangely, both Shania and Faith are hitting the stage after a few years off. So these were huge nights for these two lovely ladies. But aside from that, these shows couldn’t be more different. Which one did I like best? And was I in the majority?

Well, going with the grain is something I have never been accused of lol. I enjoyed both shows immensely, but I have to say that for now, I am 100 percent Team Shania! But I do think that Soul2Soul will warm up…

One caveat: I went to the 10:30 pm showing of Soul2Soul, which is way past my bedtime. I struggled to stay awake, which is absolutely NOT the fault of Tim and Faith!

When we interviewed the famous couple for Vegas magazine, they told us that they’d be on stage together 85 percent of the show. This wasn’t the case at all! This did, however, create one lovely outcome: more time for Faith to change outfits. She is absolutely stunning, and her clothes were truly unbelievable. I couldn’t take my eyes off her! That said, she was a little stiff, and Tim really carried the show. He’s just coming off of his tour with Kenny Chesney, and it showed. That man owns the stage!

Faith Hill Soul2Soul

Faith Hill: photo courtesy of Venetian

The Venetian showroom that Tim and Faith perform in is pretty tiny — only 1800 seats. The intimacy is really special. I do wish, however, that they interacted with the audience sooner — and more. Towards the end, Tim runs through the entire auditorium, but of course it was during my favorite song of his (“Felt Good on My Lips”), and I would have preferred him on stage. Just my luck! But super-fans, do not worry: They sing almost (almost) all of their biggest hits.

The ending is sweet, and I won’t ruin it for you. (Much of the famous chemistry between the two was exhibited throughout the show.) The only thing that bothered me is that it was such a short version of the song! I could have listened to them sing it all night — it’d be amazing if they stretched it out more.

Tim McGraw Soul2Soul Venetian Vegas

Tim McGraw: photo courtesy of Venetian

In all, the show sort of felt like it needed more rehearsal time. And Faith seemed like she was just getting her feet wet. I am a huge fan of these talented, ridiculously good-looking performers. Because I really do think that I’ll like it better after they relax and tweak things a bit, I already have a ticket to see it again on January 26th.

The 8 pm showing.

Interested in more? Read our fun interview with Tim and Faith over at my day job, Vegas magazine.

Seen the show? Let me know what you think!


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  1. Great review and on target with all points. I’m blown away by Faith’s vocal ability which is something that almost seemed hidden until seeing her live on stage. Tim carried the show, but Faith was an integral part and equally as pleasing on a different level.

  2. She said she’s been a full-time mom and hadn’t really performed since 2008. I think she’ll loosen up! And I LOVE her voice. I am a huge fan! Looking forward to seeing them again.

  3. It almost sounds like you could have been reviewing the show I saw at Planet Hollywood a couple of years ago. It’s absolutely adorable when Tim and Faith are on stage together, but it’s definitely Tim who’s carrying the show. A few years before on the original Soul 2 Soul tour, it was a much more even split, and Faith was still in the swing of things. Still, it’s a treat to see the two of them performing together again.
    So….did you chase Tim through the theater when he ran through?

  4. Huh. So that’s their schtick? Trust me, I wanted to chase after Tim! I was on a date, so that might have been inappropriate. And then there’s Faith … LOL …

  5. I hope that the show just gets better as Faith gets back into the swing of things. They’re both such great performers that I really want their combined show to be a hit.

  6. Great review! Okay, please don’t be upset, but I’m not a fan of them. I just really, really hate country music eeeeeek!!!

  7. Three of my country faves and I missed them?? Ugh! Thanks for the great review though, Abby! That’s one of my favorite things to do is to go to live shows and the ones in Vegas are spectacular. I will have to make my way out there again soon.

  8. I’d definitely check out this show. I only saw Tim in concert once before, and that was when I was working security for the venue in the parking lot (ugh.) Great interview!

  9. Not a big fan of country music either but I liked the honest review of the show.
    That said, Faith Hill looks stunning!

  10. Have you learned nothing from our friendship? I mean, the 10:30 show? Really? People like us go to the early show or – and let’s just be honest here – the matinee. We went to the late showing of Elvis at Aria. I slept a lot. Oh, wait… that’s because Elvis was awful.

    That’s it, we’re coming down to talk to you very soon 🙂

  11. I was falling asleep in my chair — it was awful!

  12. awesome review! Would love to have seen this… I’m not a big fan, but LOVE country music live.

  13. I am not a big fan of country but go to concerts sometimes (prefer parks and open stages for that). Enjoyed the intro/review. Thanks!

  14. I’m going to bag me a cowboy one of these days…

  15. Hmmm, I like the sound of this show… two for one! 🙂

  16. It must be so scary getting back on stage after a few years away!! Kudos to Faith and Shania for even attempting it. I’d be terrified!! No doubt Faith will find her way after a few more shows. 🙂

  17. I’m glad you got another ticket. I’m sure they just need to warm up a bit together. Those are some serious acts in Vegas though!

  18. Oh Abby!! I was there and OMGLeeee….
    As a long time Tim chaser (literally, chase him from state to state) I was surprised at how ‘Vegasy’ it was. It’s not a ‘Tim show’… But these 2 together are a beautiful pairing no matter what. I agree that Faith looked a bit… wobbly… once she gets to relax into it, she’ll kill it! While I got some Tim & Faith handshakes, I’m a bit jelly of the guitar that went to someone else! I absolutely recommend Vegas peeps go see this while they can!
    It’s well worth the cost of those hot tickets!

  19. Ronni, I loooove it!!! Love that you have seen him so many times I can attest to some work that I just wasn’t convinced of. Wa-hoo — now I really can’t wait for January!

  20. Country music is having a moment everywhere, I feel! And that makes me sublimely happy =) Though I’ve still never seen Tim and Faith live–super jelly over that one!

  21. Faith Hill can do no wrong. 🙂

  22. Is the Tim and Faith show in Vegas the same as a big show as in do fans leave their seats to stand at the stage or is like Garth’s show where fans stay in their seats and enjoy the intimate show?

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