My Ode to Foldable Flats

Tieks pop pinkSomeone online recently teased me, “Let me guess, you always check two bags when you fly.” Me? No way! I am a type-A, no-checked-bags kinda girl. And I was recently turned on to Tieks foldable flats, which makes this a lot easier, and my wardrobe a lot more chic while traveling. Plus, as an editor on the go, they fit in my day bag so I can change in and out of my heels. It’s so strange — this is the second pair of foldable flats I’ve fallen in love with this year. You could say that this brand-new funny term, “foldable flats,” has changed my life!

Tieks come in every color of the rainbow from the brightest brights (like my new hot pink!) to super-sparkly and nude neutrals. The best part? They couldn’t be easier to pack, yet are sturdy enough for a day of sightseeing or running around town. Each pair is hand-stitched and takes three days to make. These bad boys are built to last.

Here, you can see both how small they fold up and how sturdy the soles are.

Here, you can see both how small Tieks fold up and how sturdy the soles are.

Tieks is run by head designer and president Dikla Gavrielli (shining next to her three male partners: her husband and two brothers), and the company has a foundation that has so far given almost $500,000 to entrepreneurial women in developing countries. That might explain why Oprah says she wears them every day; that seems like her kind of company. The company also has a new vegan line that would appeal to “a few” people I know.

Plus, you’ll be a sucker for the packaging…


I am obsessed!

To show how they look on, I defer to the pros:

Pop Pink Tieks


To my friends in Vegas, my new love affair will not come as a surprise, and since we’re on the subject… I must, must, must go on a slight tangent against walking around Las Vegas Strip casinos barefoot, which a disgustingly enormous amount of women do, when their new bought-just-for-Vegas sky high heels start to hurt. This is never, ever ok! Since Tieks are made for quality, they have sturdy soles. If they don’t fit in your tiny evening bag, go to Target and buy the paper-thin version. They won’t last long, and you could never wear them “out,” but they will get you from the club to a cab, I promise.

I feel so much better.

I have been wearing those cheap-o lifesavers for awhile now, going through a pair every few months. It never occurred to me that a sturdier, fashion-forward version existed for my day bag and travel. I’m in heaven!

“Foldable flats” — who knew?

Tieks by Gavrieli

My Tieks were a gift, but my opinions are my own. I’ve already picked out my next two pairs!

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  1. I keep hearing about Tieks. They certainly look adorable (totally love the packaging). And as an aside people walk barefoot in Vegas? I don’t think I could walk around any city barefoot, except if I was at the beach.

  2. The Rebel Chick says:

    Those look much nicer than the ones I get from the drugstore – the ones I never wear because they’re horribly tacky and uncomfortable. Ha! These actually look comfy too!

  3. Alouise, it is truly disgusting! They walk around the casinos without their shoes on. I know heels hurt, but now that these foldable things are everywhere, there is no excuse!

    Jen, they are SO comfy! We had a heat wave here, and I’ve been wearing them instead of flip-flops!

  4. I think the same thing when i see people walking around vegas in barefeet!!! EEEW! Just not right.

    I have problems with foldable flats – it always digs into my achilles and rubs it raw! I’ve been eyeballing this brand for awhile but i just haven’t been able to get myself to pull the trigger. Do you know if the exchange policy is good??

  5. These look adorable. I have a hard time wearing any flats that aren’t well made – some heel is almost always more comfortable for me – I’ve got to try these!

  6. I love love love my Tieks. I have a sparkly pair and they are perfect for traveling and actually I never thought to also throw them in my purse when I go out.

    I have one pair but I want to get a few more.

  7. Love these, so so cute! Must get a pair ASAP.

  8. I’ve always thought the Tieks were so cute; however, I’ve yet to find a pair of flats that don’t rub my heels raw so I don’t trust any shoes but flip-flops or TOMS when I’m traveling!

  9. That’s so funny. I told a friend that just this past weekend that they were so comfortable I was wearing them instead of my flip-flops! (Which is huge.)

  10. I bought the red ruby pair, but had to send them back bc I ordered the wrong size. I loved them, and exchanged them for goes with with everything black. I forsee at least 4 or 5 future pairs. They may just replace my entire 50 something pairs of flats.

  11. I’m in love with my pair – seriously. LOVE.

  12. Those look amazing. I’ll admit that I have walked barefoot, not in a Vegas casino, but outside on the sidewalks, which is probably worse. ๐Ÿ™ I really, really need to remember to at least pick up some foldable flats from the drugstore.

  13. Hadn’t heard of Tieks but love the pair I have from Gap. ‘
    Be sure to always wipe down the sole before folding them up and/or tucking into your bag – dust, dirt, etc… gotta keep ya fresh!

  14. I. Want.

    Need to remember to stick these on my Christmas list next year!

  15. They look so cool!

  16. I LOVE Foldable Flats! I have them stuffed everywhere: my car, my computer bag, my set bag, my handbag! I’m so obsessed!

  17. Whew — I’m glad I’ve never wandered around casinos without my shoes. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just want to say thanks for the tip about these foldable flats. Great idea for a carry-on only gal like myself.

  18. I’m not really a shoes kinda gal, but I like the colour ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. You turned me onto my first pair of foldable flats, I just went with the cheap Dr Scholls version. They are great for getting from the club to the car but I definitely wouldn’t walk the Vegas strip in them. I will have to look into these because I definitely want some more travel-friendly flats.

  20. I LOVE the color of yours!

  21. They look like the perfect shoes!

  22. Favorite. Flat. Shoes. I’ve. Ever. Owned. — I could not love my Tieks more if I tried!!!!! So glad you have them too.

  23. I loooove my Tieks. Kirsten Alana introduced me to them and I can’t live without them anymore. So comfortable. Well worth the price!

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