This is why I travel

This is why I travel.

After a full day laughing with friends on Lisa and Mau’s boat, drinking, snacking, swimming, weathering a rainstorm, hiking alone on an island, exploring the cave on Playa Juevos… Then this magical sunset as we headed home. With not another soul in sight for as far as we could see, we took in these bright colors, changing from pinks to yellow and orange from horizon to shore. We were all in awe! 

Shown here: Guanacaste’s famous Monkey’s Head Rock, outside of Coco, Costa Rica.


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  1. Kick ass picture! the little bit of motion blur is cool and the water looks two-toned thanks to the setting sun & Monkey’s head rock.

    Glad you’re enjoying yourself!

  2. Thank you, Shaun! I had a hard time picking just one. I think I took 100!

  3. Beautiful colors Abby! I love sunsets, each is different and they all have something special!

  4. Happy you have having such a wonderful time on your vacation!

  5. It was a rainy afternoon, but those clouds made for a gorgeous one!

  6. So beautiful! Glad you’re having a blast in Costa Rica!

  7. Great shot! Glad you’re enjoying your time off. Here’s hoping the next few sunset pictures are taken after sunny days.

  8. What a treat 🙂

  9. I have goosebumps! Amazing!!!

  10. Sounds like a great day, and that sunset is gorgeous!

  11. The colors were soo beautiful — and we had a 360 view!

  12. Beautiful!!!! So glad you are having a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home!

  13. I can’t wait to fill you in!! Our catch-up is so long overdue!

  14. Gorgeous photo! I was in Costa Rica in January, but only for one day! Absolutely want to go back and see much more.

  15. Yes, you must come back! It is heaven….

  16. A beautiful reason!

  17. Wow, those colors are stunning!

  18. I miss my “home”! Although I didn’t have enough time to make friends with boats. 😛

  19. Simply stunning, I’m so happy that you have the opportunity to experience all these wonderful things.

  20. Beautiful! Wow, I would love to go to Costa Rica!! Very jealous right now!

  21. I love those days when you are so in love with where you are. I need one of those soon.

  22. Gorgeous! You’re making me want to go to Costa Rica. 🙂

  23. That photo could make a person book a flight to Costa Rica tomorrow!

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