There goes the neighborhood

Cars race through the barrio all day long, kicking up enormous clouds of dirt and causing everyone to scream for the animals that can barely get out of the way of each speeding vehicle. (There have been at least two casualties in recent memory, but I don’t want to go into detail.) In Costa Rica, if you want something done, you often have to do it yourself. So out came the shovels, and we built a home-made speed ditch near us, and other neighbors built the speed bump pictured here. Now, if you’re having trouble seeing the high dirt mound in a photo, imagine driving over it  in the dark. We finally put this pile of rocks in front as a warning. (Hey, you work with what you’ve got.) Now, you might be thinking that a more interesting photo would be me awkwardly holding a shovel. I decided that wouldn’t be fair, since I didn’t help with the actual physical work. But I do sit on the stoop and get excited at every single car that slows down. I always say, I’m not much of an activities girl, but I love to cheer others on!

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  1. Hey, every construction worker should have a cheerleader! I think it’d be much more efficient.

  2. i especially like the pile of rocks!

  3. Thanks, ladies!! We get a kick out of ourselves in the Barrio haha.

  4. llsilveria says:

    please come by and install a speed ditch on my road..

  5. Hilarious!! An “activities girl!”

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