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Top three questions I’ve been consistently asked since my move to Costa Rica: ‘What do your parents think?’ (See for yourself!) ‘How did you end up there?’ (Will write that someday…), and, ‘How’s your social life’?

Social life? I live in a town of 3000, so I could probably make every crack out there about having no social life. But in fact, it has never been busier.

Though it pretty much all goes down in exactly one venue: The Stoop.

No one’s sure exactly how it started, but The Stoop is Lisa’s porch, the middle point between her, Denise‘s and my houses. For seven months, we lived in a row of tiny homes; I could literally peak out of my window 10 feet to see if the party had started. It was great. (Two of us have since moved, but The Stoop is still our nighttime hotspot.)

Sometimes, we poke a little fun at our Stoop. “Hi,” we say very seriously when Lisa picks up the phone. “I’d like to make a reservation for four people. I’ll be there at 6 pm. Is there availability?”

Other times, we all just kind of wander over. Often, my phone rings, and I hear only, “Stoop.” Click.

The Stoop is covered, and armed with dirty plastic chairs so everyone always has a seat. There, we catch up on our days, chatting, laughing and playing with the 10 dogs usually milling about the dirt road. Sometimes, it turns into a wild dance party with the girls. Or, the guys come over, and I strain to absorb all of the local Spanish slang I can. It is always an important bonding time for everyone in the barrio. It’s how we all become best friends.

If Mau‘s not working, we have “Mau Monday,” and he makes us margaritas or martinis. When one of us has been through duty-free, Grey Goose makes an appearance. Otherwise, we pretty much offer Wine Wednesday specials — any and every day of the week!

Hanging out there is never a hassle. It’s come as you are, no judgements; talk about whatever you want. Imagine “the” idyllic open-aired, beach-front bar/restaurant, where the town locals belly up the bar, or Cheers‘ infamous local watering hole. We have all of that rolled into one. But it’s on a dirt road on the outskirts of a dusty little town.

Making fast friends is probably my favorite part of moving to Coco. Ana, Brynn, Denise, Lisa and I have been through so much together since they adopted me into their barrio last October.

No matter what happens during the day, everyone’s slate is cleared after some time on The Stoop. Because of that, it’s almost too easy to go to bed happy every single day. I’d cheers to that, wouldn’t you?

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  1. Dude there need to be more pictures of everyone else!!! Not just me..Abby your not even in there…hello!! hahaha

  2. I was going to say this on the previous post, but this just confirms it, you’re a great storyteller.

    “it’s almost too easy to go to bed happy every single day.” — that’s how I felt last year living in Medellin, and waking up each morning I’d walk around the apartment, peer out the open windows at the mountains, and pinch myself that I was living there. Hope I still feel the same when I go back in July!

  3. i want a stoop!!!! it sounds like a great time!! miss you. besos!!!

  4. Awww~ This makes me miss the different “stoops” I’ve come to be a part of around the world. If I could only just create one massive Stoop to have a great blow out party for all those people 😉

  5. Can I please come hang out on your Stoop?

  6. The “Stoop” sounds like a great place. I would love to party there 😉

    (Good friends, some booze, some music…what more do you need?)

  7. Ladies, we’re having a huge, very special Stoop party this Monday. Come on down! I can only imagine what shenanigans there would be!!

  8. Now I feel guilty for asking you question #2 when we had lunch lol

  9. Now I feel guilty for asking you question #2 when we had lunch lol

  10. Abbie — I don’t mind being asked!! 😉


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