Taking a European Road Trip

Amalfi CoastWhether driving the meandering spaghetti like Transfagarasan Highway, the dramatic Amalfi Coast, or maybe even circling magnificent Iceland, there’s nothing quite like the freedom of a road trip. The beauty of stopping where and when you like to admire that mountain view or take a swim in a newly discovered lake is an unbeatable way to enjoy a holiday with a difference.

The Amalfi Coast

Breath-taking views await on the winding coastal road that ascends a staggering 500m above the sea. It really does present one of the most striking coastlines in Europe. No doubt, you will see why UNESCO deemed this glorious piece of coast as a place of outstanding natural beauty.

The Transfagarasan Highway

This exhilarating road trip offers some magnificent views along the way such as the majestic Fagaras mountains, tranquil lakes, and tumbling waterfalls, and not forgetting a rather impressive 887m tunnel. The road trip ends with the famous spaghetti twists and turns that descends past Ponari Castle of Vlad the Impaler fame. Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson rubber-stamped the Tranfagarasan Highway as “the best road in the world”. Maybe you will agree when you try it.

Around Iceland


A not so well known road trip of epic proportions awaits in Iceland. It is possible to circle the entire country during which you will take in some mesmerising sights including the tumbling waterfalls of Gulfoss, the explosive Geysir and other hot springs nearby, the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, the Eastern Fjords, and not forgetting the delightful city of Reykjavik.

Western France

Many beautiful sights await you on a road trip through Western France. Stopping off at idyllic beaches, fragrant pine forests, and the lofty mountains of the Pyrenees are all part of a road trip through Western France. Many start in St Malo and simply head south through La Rochelle and St Emilion all the way down to the border of Spain. In choosing your route, opt for local roads and avoid the rather monotonous toll roads.

Explore the Norwegian Fjords


Take a road trip from Bergen to Trondheim and experience the magnificent fjords of Norway, mountains and waterfalls that no amount of superlatives can do justice. The Atlantic Road brings you alongside the ocean with its sharp twists and turns and rugged wildlife. You may even enjoy driving through the largest tunnel in the world, the Lardal Tunnel that is beautifully and artfully illuminated in naturalistic shades of blue and yellow.

The Antrim Coast Road, Ireland


Rated as one of the top five road trips in the world, the Antrim Coast Road features many areas of outstanding natural beauty such as the dramatic and rugged Garron Point, the three Glens of Antrim, and the world famous Giant’s Causeway which is as unique as it is mystifying. You might want to stop off and amble around the white cliffs and impressive rock formations of White Rock Beach. There are plenty of impressive sights and photographic opportunities as you drive along Ireland’s Antrim Coast.

Just remember when planning your epic road trip to include car hire excess insurance, which will ensure you enjoy the ultimate peace of mind leaving you to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.


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