Why I traveled 5070 miles to go to TBU

weekend getaways with Isabelle Kenis Abby Tegnelia Cailin O'NeilYes, it’s true. I traveled 5070 miles from Las Vegas to Manchester, UK for a weekend-long travel blogging conference. And it was awesome. At first, it was timing and friends that got me to do it, and it never occurred to me that I’d make such a trip again. But now, I’m already thinking of the next ones, TBU in Innsbruck and TBEX in Prague. In an ideal world, I’d get to turn each trip into a much longer vacation, but fitting weekend getaways into a busy life of working full-time sometimes means you make big trips for a shorter adventure.

There are worse things!

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Weekend in Napa

Weekend Getaways with Leora Hasas and Abby TegneliaSometimes the best part about living in frenetic Las Vegas is how easy it is to get out of town for weekend getaways. Yet, in all of my years here (five, off and on), I’d never been to Napa. On a recent weekend, I changed that, heading to northern California with my friend Leora.

After the easiest Southwest flight, I landed in San Francisco for a night on the town. We met up with one of my favorite travel bloggers/photographers/writers, Kristin Luna, of Camels and Chocolate. For some reason, the only pictures we took were on my BlackBerry, which later died. Spending more time with this talented, amazing girl is the top reason I want to go back to SF soon!

The next morning, Leora and I took off for Napa, giddy as two schoolgirls. We jumped out of our car at the Golden Gate bridge, running around with our cameras and making other tourists take a million pictures of us until we got that perfect one (see above!).

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