Rain, rain, go away?

I love the rain. Maybe it’s the nine years I spent living in Florida, but to me, nothing beats a hot shower in the tropics. So when my insane work schedule made it so that my last Costa Rica adventure landed during the tail end of rainy season, I didn’t bat an eye. Obviously, it was sort of a buzzkill when it rained during my one boat day, but we didn’t let it stop us. And the beach here in Guiones proved that stormy weather can be absolutely beautiful. I’ve collected some of my favorite photos that show off the wet weather. This first one here is the Club at Coco Bay, a beautiful beach club that just recently opened to the public. One minute we were sunning ourselves in the searing hot sun, the next we were grabbing our towels and running for cover, as the sky tore open. I thought it was beautiful, all part of the Costa Rica adventure. I love how the rain makes everything so green — none of that lushness exists long after the rains have stopped for the year, usually in November. Instead of “summer” and “winter,” Ticos enjoy “wet season,” “windy season,” (which affects all sports and tourism at the beginning of each year) and then dry season again until about September.

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Whenever I head to the tropics and someone hears I got a little rain, they groan, “awww.” But I love it! The smell of rain and the feel of humidity make me so happy. It’s hard to capture that slice of nature in a photograph, but I liked this picture. Being cold makes me feel so tired, but warm tropical waterfall makes me feel so alive and safe. This photo looks like it could have been taken on a chilly day, but instead we were blanketed by hot, humid air. I took this during an early morning walk in Playa Guiones, a fun surf town a few hours south of Coco.