In the News: Top Female Bloggers

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I’ve made it no secret that one of the top reasons I keep blogging, even with a full-time job and a side business, (plus trying to have a life!), is the incredible web of people that being in this world allows me to meet. I’m a travel blogger (with some crossover), but there are so many different spheres out there. Ignite Social Media recently published a list of Top Female Bloggers, with topics ranging from Food and Green Living to Politics and Tech. If you can believe it, I was so, so honored to represent Travel with three of my very favorite bloggers!

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Human Aquarium

Las Vegas, travel, tourismNothing shows the Big Divide between Vegas locals and tourists like a Sunday afternoon at Simon Restaurant &¬†Lounge at Palms Place. Inside in the air conditioning, locals sip champagne and dine on sushi and lobster eggs Benedict. Their attire? Chic dresses and heels for the ladies, Sunday best for the guys. The catch is that the tables are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the pool. Outside, the Weekend Warriors don their tiniest bikinis and basically try to get as drunk as possible while baking themselves in the hot desert sun. When they see diners staring, they work really hard to put on quite a show, dancing, wading by while trying not to spill their drinks (who would get in that water? ick), falling on the stairs and everything else. There’s not much else to do but watch!