Blogging Burnout in Austin

Abby Tegnelia

Austin isn’t Austin without margaritas.

I’ve been quiet lately, too quiet. As my life turned into a whirlwind of work engagements that swiftly and deftly led to bigtime burnout, my poor little blog suffered radio silence. As I write this, I am in lovely Costa Rica, where in the history of my blog is where I can always count on to rejuvenate, as it is where I lived the “good life” of expat living filled with jaunts to Nicaragua for visa runs, or maybe a weekend at the cloud forest, for one wonderful year. A few short weeks ago, I went to Austin for the weekend, so excited to run around and visit all of my favorite places, snapping photos of all of the mom and pop bars and shops that make the town unique. I lived in that hot, sticky Texan city for one year and always love visiting. This time, however, I landed at my friend Kristen’s house exhausted. We did indeed run around to some favorite restaurants and some new hot spots. I had a blast! Luckily, Kristen snapped this one very happy photo of me with a yummy margarita, because I took out my camera exactly one time:

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