Remembering September 11th

September 11, New York


September 11th changed the course of my entire life.

At first, it was too much to take in, although writing helped. Then, it seemed better to not think about it.

For years.

I don’t want to organize my thoughts, really. I just turned on the TV and saw it. I see the towers on fire, and it is a wound, an open wound. I feel like someone is about to come at me with a knife; it is scarier than anything I could think of happening to me. I will not turn on the TV again today, although I have the newspaper to read and will be thinking of it all day.

A reporter at the local paper here in Las Vegas recently asked me exactly how I learned about it, as if someone delivered the news of September 11th in an instant. It wasn’t that simple. Watching TV as I got ready for work, I started off thinking that someone’s plane had somehow, a freak accident, hit a building.

Then, slower than I can comprehend now, everything dove into darkness.

My morning, September 11th 2001:

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