Tuning out in Costa Rica: Santa Teresa

Along the main drag of Santa Teresa.

During my last trip to Costa Rica, three girlfriends and I took a little getaway. It’s about time I introduce you to Santa Teresa! The hippy-dippy little beach town is stretched out along one long main road on the Nicoya Peninsula, near Mal Pais, south of Nosara and Playa Guiones, my favorite surf/beach area. We stayed in a rental home outside of town, which some might find isolating but was just the escape we were looking for. Aside from a comical Halloween crab invasion every evening at sundown, the empty jungle beaches were the idyllic slice of Costa Rican paradise I have come to love about the coasts of Costa Rica.

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How the most beautiful Halloween crabs stole my sleep

Abby Tegnelia Cheryl Grant

Relaxing with my friend Cheryl after re-adjusting to sleeping in the jungle.

On a previous trip to Costa Rica, I first laid eyes on a beautiful purple and orange type of crab (nicknamed the Halloween crab) and took the photo below of it in shallow ocean water. I thought it was the most people sea creature I had ever seen! On this trip? Well, I could still see its beauty, but when they descended on my vacation home by the dozens, my view did change a bit! It all started our first night in our Costa Rican paradise on the dense jungle beaches of Santa Teresa. My friends ever so politely recommended I stay in a certain bedroom downstairs. It wasn’t until later that they told me there was a bat in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Did I mention that the house was open-air? In the jungle?

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