Meet, Plan, Go — How long-term travel got me my career back

When my friends at Briefcase to Backpack asked me to write up my story about how taking a career break revved up my enthusiasm for my work in journalism, I jumped at the opportunity. I consider any small thing I can do to encourage others to take a step back and experience some time “off” an absolute honor. What I didn’t expect were all the kind words I got in response — the online travel community is a supportive bunch. My “IRL” friends often marvel about how close I am with my online travel friends, but projects like this one illustrate why.

On that note, the stars of Briefcase to Backpack are bringing their popular Meet, Plan, Go event to Las Vegas — and 16 other cities — on October 18th. Here in Sin City, the long-term travel pep rally will be hosted by my dear friend, JoAnna Haughn, of Kaleidoscopic Wandering and WhyGoVegas, and she’s asked me take part. I’m thrilled! She’s already thrown herself into planning, and I’m so excited about all of the ideas I’ve heard so far. I’ve promised to ignore my fear of public speaking and sit on a panel. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, here’s the story I wrote on my life coming full circle thanks to a much-needed 21 months of travel and expat living. Enjoy!

A Life-changing Year Ends Full Circle